0 Trench triumph for Lewis

Trench triumph for Lewis

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On the outskirts of Wadebridge in North Cornwall is the delightful Caravan Park at Little Bodieve, run by Chris Berry, Karen Berry and Barbara Hills, with serviced touring sites, luxury mobile homes, a heated swimming pool and a comprehensive level of amenities, making it a park with an enviable reputation.
An aspect of maintenance that had always caused problems for Chris was the laying of new electric hook-ups; to lay the underground conduit they would either use their on-site mini-digger, or have to dig by hand, either of which would always create too much upheaval and leave areas requiring re-turfing.

So, July 2005 found Chris checking the internet for solutions to his problem. After an initial disappointment that there was no company in the area to do a demo, chance would have it that Hubert Nightingale was visiting a local company and could happily accommodate a visit to Little Bodieve with the Laski 50-6 trencher.

It was an ideal arrangement, with, as is so often the case with demos, Chris finding the product so ideal for his requirements that he persuaded Lewis to let him buy the demonstration machine there and then.

"Once you've got one, you use it for all sorts!" was Chris's quote when asked how much use he got from the trencher. He explained the various benefits when it comes to the routine Caravan Park work, such as drainage, but especially doing 4" trenches for electric hook-ups. It is quick, goes to an ideal depth, and leaves a neat and consistent spoil-trail; the back-filling is quick and easy, and all that's needed to finish the job is a bit of grass-seed on the top.

This leaves minimal disruption to the users of the site and does not look unsightly.

"It's saved us loads of man-hours" was Chris's final quote. A good job by Lewis - enabling Chris to do a good job for his visitors.

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