0 True Multifunctionality comes to Bowls greens maintenance

It used to be that multifunction equaled compromise. This is not the case with the advanced ATT INFiNiSystem™ from ATT - the one true answer that can accommodate all maintenance activities.

When designing it, ATT adopted a "no compromise" attitude at the forefront of their design process, but within reasonable bounds.

It was determined from the outset that their walk behind INFiNiSystem™, configured purely as a mower, would need to cut as well as a conventional mower; track straight and follow undulations; be within a certain weight category; be quiet; have a swappable dual power source; be maintenance and environmentally friendly, and above all be within a certain price range offering value for money.

It also had to accept, and power, the full range of existing TMSystem Cassettes.

Each of the ATT SMART cassettes impart different requirements on the drive system, but do not compromise the usefulness of any of the other cassettes.

For example, the SMARTCut (cutting unit) cassette needs to operate at a greater height to cut grass than most of the other SMART cassettes (verticutting , spiking, scarifying etc.)

If the same geometry was used to house all of the different cassettes then the relationship of the bedknife angle to the turf for the SMARTCut cassette would be wrong. It would still cut, but there would necessarily be a compromise.

This was resolved by the chassis having a multi-position rear roller that brings the geometries of the unit into line with which ever process the machine is required to perform.

Secondly, available power was one of the key design considerations. Brushless electric motors are typically 85 - 90% efficient and can be electronically manipulated to gain the most in various situations.

By using two; one to drive the forward motion and the other to drive the cassette; their speeds and torques can be manipulated to maximise power output to suit the individual cassettes.

Cassettes that allow the ATT INFiNiSystem™ to be a complete maintenance system that can Aerate, Brush, De-thatch, Groom, Level, Mow, Scarify and Top dress.

Further multifunctionality comes in the ability to switch from hybrid power, generated by an engine, over to pure battery power - for which the low noise output under such power has seen the INFiNiSystem™ being awarded the Quiet Mark.

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