0 Truxor Amphibious Machine clears ponds at Birch Grove GC

Birch Grove (before)Birch Grove Golf Club have several water hazards that over the years had become overgrown with reeds. Access to the ponds required crossing the golf course (which would be damaged by conventional long reach diggers). The size of digging machinery required to reach the reeds would have caused unacceptable damage to the fairways and would have required the club to close while work was carried out.

Wetland Access supplied the solution with a Truxor amphibious machine. The Truxor is made of lightweight alloy and runs on tracks to give minimal ground pressure. What makes the machine so innovative is the variety of jobs it can do using its' quick release hydraulically driven attachments.

The TruxorBy fitting the digger arm it becomes an amphibious mini digger whilst the cutter blades can cut weed up to 1.4 metres below water level. The Grab arm and the Rake were also used to collect the cut weeds, weed roots and other debris. Any surface algae was removed with the Sieve Rake.

The TruxorHad any of the ponds become silted up it would have been possible to clear by fitting the Dredge Pump - The Truxor then becomes a self propelled dredger able to pump silt through a 2" bore pipe up to 300 metres away.

The Truxor is made in Sweden and was designed to access environmentally sensitive areas with minimal impact and maximum safety for the operator. The machine is quiet when running and operates a hydraulic drive system using bio degradable oil - even the bearings use 'edible' grease (used in the food packaging industry).

Birch Grove (after)The tracks that the machine drives on have plastic paddles attached which oxygenate the water whilst driving the machine along. One other attachment of interest is the post hole borer - enabling the machine to traverse hazardous terrain installing fence posts.

Work on the three ponds was completed in two days with the minimum of disturbance to golfers and wildlife alike.

For more information call 07903 193140 or email jardinexp@aol.com

show the pond before work, the Truxor in action, and the pond after.

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