0 Tungsten-tipped blades a big hit


By Lynn Hilton

The durability of tungsten-tipped Rotorake blades is becoming a talking-point with SISIS customers.

Following 18 months success with the SISIS Rotorake 600 in the UK, the powerful scarifier/linear aerator was launched in the USA last year, where most greens are sand based and hard on blades.

Don Tolson, Course Superintendent at The Stock Farm Club in Montana saw the ROTORAKE 600 at GCSAA, Atlanta and purchased 2 machines shortly afterwards. He was so pleased with their performance that he sent SISIS the following, unsolicited, testimonial: "The Rotorakes worked great. We have done 21 greens to a depth of 20mm, and some approaches - and used them to cut up the plugs we had removed on compacted walkways to the greens. The blades are just starting to "round" on the cutting edge. I plan to de-thatch the tees with the same blades next week. The speed, ease of operation of the RR/600, and the durability of the blades make them my best purchase of the season." RR600-USA.jpg

Meanwhile, over at The Walker Course, Clemson, South Carolina, Supt. Don Garrett was also using the tungsten tipped blades on the ROTORAKE 600. Firstly the RR/600 was fitted with 3mm tipped blades, spaced at 32mm and set to a depth of 25mm for the 9th green. The blades were then set to 20mm depth and a further 5 greens were de-thatched - each one taking less than 15 minutes to complete. This was followed by coring with 16mm diameter tines at 50mm spacing.

The work on the greens was carried out on Sun/Mon/Tue, and all the greens were back in play by Wednesday. Said Don Garrett, "I looked at the lack of wear on the blades and thought it was good for 4 greens - then I discovered that they had actually done 6 greens. Those blades are incredible."

Assistant Adam Charles, was also impressed and said "The ROTORAKE 600 is so easy to use, so operator friendly and gets the job done quickly with excellent results."

And it isn't only the Americans-Lachy McGill at Cochrane Castle Golf Club in Scotland is equally enthusiastic about the hard-wearing qualities of the Rotorake 600 blades. Used on 18 greens to a depth of 25mm and then to lightly verticut the tees, there is still plenty of "mileage" left on the blades. He tells us that he is very pleased with his SISIS ROTORAKE 600.

More good news from SISIS is that tungsten tipped blades are soon to be available for the popular SISIS Auto-Rotorake and the SISIS Hydraulic Veemo scarifiers.

For further details please phone Tel: 01625 503030 or E-mail: publicity@sisis.com

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