0 Turf TankCalc aids accurate sprayer calculation

syngenta appTurf and amenity sprayer operators can now get an instant calculator for precise product inclusion rates in spray tank mixes, with the free Syngenta Turf TankCalc App for smart phones and tablets.

Launched at BTME in Harrogate this week (Tuesday 20th January 2015), Turf TankCalc provides an instant answer for the amount of any product required to be added to the tank for a given water volume, along with the rate being applied per hectare.

Syngenta UK Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot, said the new App would prove invaluable for turf managers and spray operators to quickly and accurately calculate the rate of any product to add to the tank.

"It is very simple to use and extremely efficient for calculating filling plans for spraying. It saves time and ensures high accuracy in the tank mixing - based on area, tank size, product, application rate and operating speed." It also provides optimum nozzle selection options and application guidelines.

With more complex tank mixes now being used for enhanced turf management - possibly including fungicides, growth regulator, wetting agent, fertiliser and trace elements in the same mix - careful calculation of the component parts is crucial, he added.

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It includes a quick link for Syngenta products and a direct route to the Syngenta GreenCast website for detailed product information and labels, along with weather forecasts, agronomic information and other application advice.

Furthermore, Turf TankCalc records details calculated for each spray application, along with relevant information on nozzle selection and water volume, for example. The data can be exported by email for record keeping.

Mr Lightfoot highlighted that the tool would also be useful for agronomists to help specify precise recommendations for customers.

Turf TankCalc is available now for android and Apple operating systems. It can be downloaded from quick links on the GreenCast website Application Zone (www.greencast.co.uk).

"Accurate sprayer set-up is an essential element of getting the best possible result from any application," he advised. "Turf TankCalc is a further useful tool to help operators achieve it quickly and more efficiently every time."



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