0 Turf water revolution

Turf water revolution

Turf Managers will now have the opportunity of significantly reducing their irrigation costs, thanks to a new product launched by Scotts UK Professional at BTME last month. Scotts H2Pro turf treatment is based on the most advanced surfactant technology in the world, and has been proven in development trials capable of both overcoming the problems associated with dry patch and cutting irrigation needs by over 50%.

The formulation of H2Pro offers a multi-matrix mode of action, in that a number of different wetting and spreading agents have been combined with long term wetting agents to specifically address the water management needs of sports and amenity turf. This powerful surfactant chemistry allows the maximum amount of applied water to enter the rootzone in areas previously affected by Dry Patch and further, through the presence of long term agents, ensures even and sustained distribution throughout the whole rooting area.

Unlike older wetting agent technologies, H2Pro penetrates deep into the soil through any thatch layer and then spreads evenly. H2Pro also lasts much longer, with its unique combination of short, medium and long chain surfactant molecules attaching themselves to water repellent deposits throughout the whole zone and enhancing water uptake and retention for the entire season.

In a series of development trials in the USA, mainland Europe and in the UK at Scotts Levington Research Station, the H2Pro formulation has proven consistently effective in freeing turf from the problems associated with dry patch, resulting in much improved sward quality and resilience.

A facet of the trials that will be of enormous interest to many managers, however, is the coincident reduction in irrigation requirement that follows application of H2Pro. In a test in the UK last year, after one application of H2Pro to both natural soil and USGA spec rootzones, the amount of irrigation needed to reach optimum moisture content was spectacularly reduced. On natural soil, 7mm as opposed to 31mm on the untreated control, and on the USGA spec trial 16mm versus 33mm.

With the cost of water becoming an increasing issue, this is a potentially major benefit.

Scotts H2Pro is available in a variety of forms, comprising Liquid, Granular and Hose End Applicator tablets, to enable Turf Managers to introduce it into their maintenance programmes with total flexibility. Recommendations for use are equally comprehensive, including monthly, bi-monthly and annual options tailored to specific requirements such as tackling hydrophobic soils, maximizing water conservation, longevity etc.

Iron hard treatment

A useful new option has been added to the Greenmaster Pro-Lite range in the form of an iron-only turf treatment. Greenmaster Pro-Iron contains 5.5 per cent Fe plus seaweed extract and magnesium and is the ideal choice for 'hardening' the sward and achieving a quick green up without encouraging excessive grass growth.

Greenmaster Pro-Iron is formulated with the new Pro-Lite granule technology, which offers the benefits of enhanced longevity - some 4 to 6 weeks - accurate, reliable and predictable release, plus easy spreadability. In addition, the new product also contains seaweed extracts to encourage beneficial soil microflora, which can help improve nutrient cycling and general grass plant health.

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