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triple mower turfworks Tillers Turf in Lincolnshire, England produce some of the highest quality fine turf available in the UK and Europe. They are now raising their standards to a higher level on their creeping bent, and fescue / brown top bent turf.

To help achieve this they have recently purchased a set of TurfWorks chassis and Ultra Grooma cassettes to remove lateral growth and prevent thatch build up. The units have been fitted to a 7gang fairway mower to aid productivity on their expanse of fine turf.

The Ultra Grooma cassettes will be used weekly on the creeping bent grass, and on a 2 - 3 weekly basis on the fescue and brown top bent turf. The Sarel Rollers will also be used within the TurfWorks cassette system to lightly aerate the surface of the turf and to help stop dry patch problems.

"The purchase of the TurfWorks system by Tillers Turf demonstrate our commitment to produce the very best fine turf available to the golf industry
in the UK and Europe," remarked Tim Fell.

turfworks cassette

turfworks cassette 2

For further information contact: Julia Campey, TurfWorks International Ltd., Tel: +44 (0) 1260 224 467

Email: info@turfworksint.com
Web: www.turfworksint.com
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