0 UK Pesticide Guide 2006 Now Available

UK Pesticide Guide 2006 now available

By Laurence Gale


The UK Pesticide Guide 2006 is an essential publication for anybody working within the pesticide industry. The book contains detailed information to ensure you are choosing a suitable choice of active ingredient for any pest problem encountered. Bearing in mind that you must also be appropriately qualified to advise on the use of pesticides (BASIS Registered) and have the correct spraying certificates (NPTC Certificates) if you intend to apply and use pesticide products.

Edited by Richard Whitehead, the 2006 Guide contains details of pesticide products that can be legally and effectively used by farmers and growers in the UK.

This annual publication is the authoritative guide for information on pesticides and adjuvants for UK agriculture, horticulture, forestry and amenity use. It is a vital resource to check that any product about to be used or recommended is still legal.

Both the book and CD contain:

  • Information on 1,300 pesticides including all new SOLAs.
  • All new products launched during 2005 including prothioconazole, flonicamid, mesotrione and cyflufenamid.
  • Products not profiled but can still be legally used.
  • Products still available for 'essential uses'.
  • Adjuvants, their suppliers and their use.
  • The latest legislative changes and environmental recommendations.
  • The pesticide information required to complete a Crop Protection Management Plan as required under the Voluntary Initiative.

The book and CD are now available for purchase from the Pitchcare Shop See Link:- UK Pesticide Guide 2006.

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