0 UK Survey on the use of Biological Products - Have your say!

UK Survey on the use of Biological Products - Have your say!

By Anne Wilson

Stella Rixon, of the STRI, is keen to gather information about the use of biological products and would
very much like you to take the time to photocopy or email this questionaire and return it to her at the
address listed at the bottom of the page

Ever since their arrival in this industry, 'biologicals' have been a controversial subject…..

Around about four years ago, biological products were going to be the next big thing for turf managers and the market was flooded with products claiming a variety of benefits from improved turf growth and thatch breakdown to disease reduction….

Some were so confident to make the statement 'no disease' or your money back! Unfortunately the results were not quite as spectacular as the claims, leading to a lot of scepticism in the turf world.

We've had articles flying back and forward in the industry trade magazines for and against, turf managers who swear by them, others who haven't seen anything from them and many others who haven't yet tried one. And it hasn't helped that the experts can't seem to agree either.

There has been a number of industry conferences and seminars presenting pro's and cons through both British and American research, but in most cases viewers came away with the eternal question lingering 'So will they work or won't they!?'

In an effort to gain a greater understanding of the use of biological products in the turf grass industry, STRI courteously request that you complete the following questionnaire. You are not required to give your name.

Please note that under the Data Protection Act, your personal answers will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will be only
used in a general way to analyse the overall findings of this survey.

Thank you for your co-operation in completing this exercise.

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