2 Used car tyre initiative

Used tyre initiative prevents bank erosion

By Derek Cowell

At Burntisland Golf Course two embankments were badly affected by water erosion and burrowing animals. The Head Greenkeeper decided to use URRO Blocks, (pressed car tyres) to build up both embankments and to either keep their original 3 tier tee construction or to convert to a 2 tier giving a large combined yellow and medal tee area.

Excavations were removed from both banks and two rows of tyre blocks were placed as per the photo, with the bottom rows dropped by approximately 700mm below both the existing tee levels thus creating a natural drainage run off for both areas.

The blocks were placed at an approx. 40 degree angle to allow for soil to be placed across the outside of the surface and to fill the voids in between. The whole area was then turfed giving a finished look to the tee structure. The Green keeper decided to convert to a two-tier construction thus saving on cost which gave a greater tee area for both the yellow and the medal allowing the choice of different tee positions.

The whole operation took roughly one week to install and turf. With the use of one JCB and one worker, the cost saving in using the blocks and the recycling of the excavated material kept the tee in a tidy condition and also reduced the need for importing aggregate. The ease of application in using the blocks was a big saving in man-hours and machine hire.

Although being a small project (75 blocks) the quick and efficient manner at which these embankments were constructed allowed this project to be completed ahead of schedule thus freeing up valuable time to be devoted to other parts of the golf course.

Close-Up of Block Installation Panoramic View of Block Installation
NTbankstabiliseclose.jpg NTbankstabilise.jpg

Remedial Work using the URRO Blocks for Forest / Estate Roads

This estate road was causing problems mainly due to water erosion turning this road into what can only be described as a bog. The original road was removed to a depth of 900mm and a terram wrap was placed along the base. The blocks were then placed along the length of the excavated road on top of the wrap and the voids were filled with rough aggregate. A similar aggregate topping was placed across the blocks to a depth of 200/300mm and rolled ready for traffic.

The main characteristic built into the block is the high permeability for drainage this allows the water to drain very quickly into what could be described as a large soakaway area. This drainage potential has been used to great effect on 4 roads so far with the results and performance of the roads proven to be very successful.

The simplicity of using the blocks and the recycling of the excavated material makes this construction process fast, efficient and cost effective.

Road Installation Road Installation complete
NTroadfill.jpg NTroadfilled.jpg

Northern Tyre is an Inverness based development and recycling company. They recycle and bale used tyres, which they then turn into a variety of products from flood control barriers, retaining walls to roadside bank erosion protection.

If you are interested in further information please don't hesitate to email dennis@northerntyre.co.uk asking for a brochure

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