0 Vandals' 'donuts' damage cricket pitch

UntitledHeartless vandals have rendered a carefully tended cricket pitch unusable after performing 'donuts' on it.

Players for the Kingston Lacy Cricket Club were left 'devastated' after discovering a car had been driven over the ground, leaving deep marks in the grass.

It is believed that the pitch, in Pamphill, near Wimborne, will be out of action for some time after the incident took place on Friday night.

Jacqueline Charman's son Dan, 15, plays for the team.

She said: "At some point overnight, somebody with a vehicle has gone up there and they have driven 'donuts' all around the pitch.

"It's just unbelievable. One man works all through the winter to keep the pitch just right.

"He nurtures it - it's like the Oval. For all that time and heart that's gone into it to be wasted is just heartbreaking."

Members of the team - who range in age from 15 to 70 - met at the ground on Sunday and grimly surveyed the damage.

Jacqueline said: "There are rivets four inches deep crossing the land.

"I could have cried seeing it. It's an open area, so it wouldn't be hard to access, but it's in a very rural place and somebody has obviously taken the time to drive there and ruin it for everyone."

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