0 Varietas Arrives in Ireland

Varietas at Muskerry GCMuskerry Golf Club in Ireland recently became the first course in Ireland to install a Varietas System.

The Varietas System (shown in the photograph) is the name given to The Great Turf Company's its unique compost tea brewing system, which has become well-known within the turf care industry for its benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and its ability to improve life in the soil and on the plant surface, producing superior playing surfaces.

Compost tea is an aerobically brewed liquid concentrate of soluble nutrients, organic compounds and elevated levels of microorganisms. It inoculates turf with billions of beneficial microbes which improve the life in the soil and on the plant surfaces. The Varietas System helps to restore natural health and balance to soil.

Over the last few months The Great Turf Company has been installing Varietas Systems at golf courses across the UK, including prestigious venues such as the De Vere Carden Park course in Cheshire. The company is delighted to now be catering for the turf care industry in Ireland in addition to the UK market.

"Irish turf care professionals are incredibly innovative and I believe they will recognise the opportunities that biological treatments, such as the Varietas System, will give them in their quest for agronomic excellence," said The Great Turf Company's Ireland representative, Sam Leech (pictured with Austin Brown, Deputy Greenkeeper and Mick Buckley, Head Greenkeeper of Muskerry G.C.).

For more details visit www.greatturfcompany.com

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