0 Vertech announce European launch following Asian sucess

Vertech, a leading technical golf green solutions company, launch in Europe following a successful preview at the KPMG Golf Business Forum and successful Asian partnerships.

Vertech, who provide scientific and technical solutions to assist in the successful management of the golf green environment, are set to launch in Europe. Vertech have enjoyed success at some of Asia's premier golf courses where their technical solutions have allowed the greens to thrive in the strenuous, humid climate. Vertech's arrival into Europe's golf business is eagerly anticipated with ongoing negotiations in place for their first contract in Europe's golfing market.

Operating from facilities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Scotland, and with representatives in Australia, Vertech is a multi-disciplined, global company who offer a comprehensive service to assist in the optimisation of soil conditions for turf growth and conditioning. Vertech provide subsurface systems for aeration and gas transfer, drainage, heating, irrigation and water recycling which assist course management to control the subsurface environment of greens.

The systems regulate moisture content, air movement and temperature conditions in the root zone which result in optimum and consistent growing conditions.

The efficient use and operation of Vertech's systems can reduce the water used on a course by up to 40%. Any over watering and unused water in the root zone can be captured and recycled which when coupled with the safe use of waste water and a saving in fertilizer costs results in reduced costs and greatly reduced environmental impact. Heated greens can extend the playing season and increase revenue.

John Woodford, Chief Executive of Vertech Ltd commented, 'We are delighted to be expanding into Europe, and feel Vertech's solutions can assist to address environmental and economic issues that golf course developers face. All golfers love great greens and owners love a healthy bottom line; we can help deliver both.'

Vertech recognizes that a golf course's most valuable assets are their greens and a player's strongest memories relate to the condition of the greens. The benefits of the Vertech systems are better putting surfaces regardless of climate or weather conditions; ultimately increasing revenue for the facility.

Golf course owners can reduce capital and operating costs by extending the life of the greens and reducing maintenance costs. Improving the condition, availability and playability of the greens, golf course owners can provide a more enjoyable experience for golfers, generate additional rounds and increase the number of return rounds, all of which lead to an increased revenue.

Vertech systems assist course management to meet natures challenge by adopting a scientific and technological approach to the maintenance of better greens. The result is 'Pureplay' greens.

For more information please contact Gary Davidson at the Professional Sports Group on 01276 858930 gary@profsports.com or John Woodford at Vertech Limited on +612 9428 5852 johnwoodford@vertechlimited.com

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