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Sprinkler Nozzle

How To - correct nozzle

The How To Series moves onto Irrigation for this next video. Wes Henshaw, National Golf Sales Manager for K.A.R. UK Ltd, talks us through the importance...

in Drainage & Irrigation - on 26/2/19

Hillside-Golf-Club Clubhouse

Dreams at Hillside GC

Hillside Golf Club has staged numerous major events and now have the proud honour of hosting the British Masters 2019, as part of the European Tour. In...

in Golf - on 20/2/19

Chester-City-FC Corner

A bit of a Deva!

The North West of England is home to five top flight teams. But what is life like for the region's lower league groundsmen who can only dream of the extensive...

in Football - on 23/1/19

John Richards - Old Gold Club

King John interview

Our very own John Richards made more than 480 appearances in gold and black and recently joined Mikey Burrows and Chris Iwelumo on the 13th episode of...

in Football - on 11/1/19

Pre-start Checks On Cylinder Mower 2

How To -prestart cylinder

The How To series continues with Jonny Bowker from JA Bowker, showing us simple steps for pre-start checks on a pedestrian cylinder mower.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 9/1/19

Curzon-Ashton Nick-Wild

In the Nick of time!

The 'North West Powerhouse' of England is home to five top flight teams. But what is life like for the region’s lower league groundsmen who can only...

in Football - on 29/12/18

Winter Storage 2

How To - winter storage

In the fourth video in our How To series, Johnny Bowker talks us through his tips for storing machines away over the winter months so they’re ready for...

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 24/12/18

Height Of Cut 3

How To - height of cut

In the latest of the series of How To videos, Jonny Bowker from JA Bowker, explains how to set the height of cut on a pedestrian cylinder mower.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 18/12/18

Pre-start Mower Checks 5

How To - prestart ride-on

In the next of the series of How To videos, Jonny Bowker from JA Bowker, shows simple steps for pre-start checks on a ride-on mower.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 12/12/18

Setting Cylinder Mower 5

How To - setting cut

In this series of How To videos, Jonny Bowker from JA Bowker, gives a step by step guide how to correctly set a cylinder mower on cut.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 6/12/18

Ryder Cup Jacobsen

Jacobsen Ryder Cup story

The third and final part of Jacobsen's Ryder Cup journey and what was it like to be part of golf’s biggest stage.

in Golf - on 4/12/18

Optus Stadium Perth

Optus Stadium new wickets

Perth is now officially ready for the summer of cricket after Optus Stadium installed five new wickets ahead of the Gillette ODI in January.

in Cricket - on 8/10/18

Bryanston School Blue Caps 2

Bryanston Blue Caps

Watch the World class Blue Caps in action in this fantastic film displaying their unbeatable skill.

in Machinery & Mechanics - on 5/10/18

20180718 130848

University’s challenge

Bath Spa University’s main campus is a safe-haven for perhaps the UK’s most treasured and iconic amphibian group: the smooth, palmate and great crested...

in Schools & Colleges - on 14/9/18


Royal Warrant for RTM

RT Machinery’s annual open day came with a real difference this year: the company was presented with a coveted Royal Warrant for services to the Royal...

in Industry News - on 10/9/18

Monmouthshire-GC Hills

Monmouthshire good job

Sixty-three-year-old David Winter is only the fourth head greenkeeper at Monmouthshire Golf Club since 1892. To understate, the position’s turnover rate...

in Golf - on 5/9/18

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Inside View

Petals open on MBStadium

The innovative roof of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, US has been completed and is now fully operational.

in Football - on 2/8/18

Lucy Sellick HG Wenvoe Castle Golf Club

Female HG in Wales

Lucy Sellick has been appointed head greenkeeper at Wenvoe Castle Golf Club – the first time ever a Welsh golf club has a female head greenkeeper.

in Golf - on 1/8/18

Jacobsen Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup preparations

In the build-up to the event, Jacobsen spoke with the team preparing the course for the tournament – as the tension builds.

in Golf - on 31/7/18


Women Role Models

Greenkeeping has for too long been viewed as a bastion of the male workforce. However, increasingly progressive clubs and course managers recognise that...

in Golf - on 30/7/18