2 What’s new in compact tractors from John Deere

John Deere's large chassis 4020 Series compact tractors are now available with new Stage 3a engines, which have been designed to meet the latest emissions regulations while still maintaining excellent fuel economy.

JD_Tractor_4720.jpg In addition, power ratings have increased from 47 to 49hp on the 4320, 52 to 61hp on the 4520 and 62 to 66hp on the 4720, at 2400rpm rated speed. Both the 4520 and 4720 models are also equipped with an intercooler to provide extra torque for more demanding pto applications such as mowing and woodchipping.
The tractors' new eThrottle makes driving the tractor as easy as driving a car - just push the pedal and both forward speed and engine rpm increase. This feature reduces noise and fuel consumption, and is particularly convenient for general transport and trailer work.

A new 'drive-over' mid-mounted rotary mower deck option is now available for all three of John Deere's 3020 Series mid-chassis compact tractors, the 31hp 3320, 36hp 3520 and 42hp 3720 models.

JD_Self_Mounting_Mower.jpg Similar to the design used on the company's small chassis models, the 7-Iron 1.8m (72in) AutoConnect side discharge deck allows the operator to simply lock the deck in place and attached the driveline automatically from the tractor seat, without the need to crawl under the tractor to connect the pto. Height of cut adjustment has also been made easier, with 13 positions available from 38 to 203mm (1.5 to 8in) in 12.7mm (0.5in) increments.

These heavy duty 7-Iron commercial mower decks are made of 7-gauge steel, the thickest in the industry. They featureJD_Self_Mounting_Mower1.jpg and the operator can mow at faster speeds. Material build-up and clumping are reduced, thus greatly improving a deep design with increased airflow so that more grass can be cut more easily, especially in heavy or wet conditions, performance and cut quality.

New compact tractor delivers more power

John Deere's new 31hp 2720 compact tractor is the largest model available in the company's small chassis range, which also includes the 24hp 2320 and 26hp 2520 models.

JD_2720-tractor-cab.jpg Based on the same platform as the 2520, the 2720 offers a higher power to weight ratio, with a lower rated speed of 2500rpm also providing lower noise and vibration levels. Even lower noise levels can be achieved with the tractor's new optional cab, which has a rating of 85dB(A) at the driver's ear.

The cab's new four-post design provides more visibility compared to the old six-post design on the two smaller tractors, and gives the 2720 a lower overall height of under 2m (79in). This new cab will also be available for the 2320 and 2520 models by the end of 2008.

The 2720 retains the same modern styling and overall design as existing models in the John Deere 20 Series range, which is headed by the 62hp 4720 large chassis model complete with ComfortGard cab. The large capacity, fuel efficient Stage 3a engine generates lower emissions, while the two-range hydrostatic transmission has a maximum forward speed of 22kph.

Mid-mounted rotary mower deck options include a 1.5m (60in) rear discharge unit and two 'drive-over' side discharge decks at 1.37 and 1.57m (54 and 62in), which are equally easy and straightforward to hitch up and use.

For even greater versatility, the 2720 offers a front hitch and pto, compatible with John Deere's front loaders, in addition to the standard mid-mounted pto. The loader's design allows fast attachment of 4-in-1 buckets, pallet forks, blades and a range of other implements.

Maximum lift capacity at the category 1 three-point hitch is now 650kg. Service and maintenance are made easy by the tractor's flip-up hood, and there is a choice of turf or industrial all-purpose tyres.

New value line compact tractor from John DeereJD_3036E-compact-tractor.jpg

John Deere's 3036E compact tractor is the first of a new value line of machines to be made available in Europe. It is designed to provide a wider range of customers with a more economical alternative to the higher specification machines in the 3020 Series range. Typical applications would include smallholdings, orchards, stables and paddocks, or any area of land that needs a quality tractor without the extra cost of a full professional specification.

Powered by a 36hp Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine, this new 4wd open station tractor is built by John Deere and features the same reliable performance and build quality as the rest of the company's 20 Series models. The 3036E uses an established hydrostatic transmission with easy to operate Twin Touch pedal controls, making it the only value line hydro compact tractor on the market.

Ergonomics and operator comfort are the equal of Premium models, with standard features including power steering, cruise control, wet disc brakes, rear 540rpm pto and three-point linkage with up to 615kg lift capacity (at 24in behind the lift ends).

There is a choice of turf, industrial all-purpose or agricultural tyres, and the tractor is available with its own dedicated 305 front loader, with a lift capacity of up to 336kg. The new 3036E compact tractor will be available from spring 2009.

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