7 When it comes to Mole control STV has its finger on the pulse.

mole repellerNew and improved from STV, the poison-free pest control specialist, comes the Big Cheese Sonic Mole Repeller.

This simple yet effective product for deterring moles, the most destructive of garden pests, issues a vibrant sonic pulse every 25 seconds protecting lawns, seedbeds and seedling plants from damage over an area of 1,000 square metres.

Easy to set up and battery powered this improved unit is completely safe for children, wildlife and pets. The Big Cheese Mole repeller is such a
welfare-friendly deterrent-it doesn't even harm the mole!

The unit will repel any burrowing rodents over the protected zone and battery life is between four and six months for cost-effective ongoing control.

Available from all good hardware shops and garden centres, the Big Cheese Mole Repeller has an RRP of just £19.95.

For further information call the customer service line on 01953 881580.

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