0 Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles dare

Demand for Club Car is sky-high as they make a very special delivery.


The Commissioner for Irish Lights (C.I.L.) is the body responsible for maintaining and managing the Lighthouses across Ireland. Little did Club Car realise that the organisation's motto In Salutem Omnium (loosely translated as For the Safety of All) would become the crux of this particular job!

C.I.L. needed to replace the vehicle in use at their lighthouse on Eagle Island, which is situated off the Mayo coast, where there has been a lighthouse on the Island since 1835. New regulations required that the C.I.L. provide a road-legal electric vehicle, which conformed to various strict safety criteria and also offered outstanding performance.


The final, and rather daunting stumbling block was delivery. The only way to transport the vehicle from the mainland to Eagle Island was by helicopter!! The maximum payload the helicopter could safely carry is 500kg so any modifications had to be incorporated within the weight limit.

Liam Ross, Managing Director of Buggyman Ltd only finally relaxed once the delivery had finally been made, "we like to rise to the challenge whenever we're given the chance, but this must count as one of the most demanding jobs we have ever been given. There were a few anxious moments along the way, but I was delighted to see the Run-A-Bout finally reach it's new home on dry land."

For more information please contact Robert Drewery at Club Car's European Headquarters in Horwich, UK on 01204 690515.

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