0 Whingeing footballers.


Here we go again. When all else fails, blame the pitch and the poor Groundsman.

Anybody else believe Teddy Sheringham was out of order when he had a go at the Old Trafford pitch following England's poor performance against Greece?

"The grass was too long and the ball kept sticking", said the former united man.

What a joke some of these players are. We played poorly so it can't be our fault, appears to be the attitude of some of them. Strange how the ball never stuck for the Greek players when they strolled through the England defence for the first goal!

Sheringham, of all people, should know better. He's old enough to remember the days when grass on a football pitch after Christmas was a luxury.

Grounds maintenance standards have improved out of all recognition in recent years but as ever, little credit is given to the people who have made this happen.

Instead, we have to put up with unqualified prima donnas criticising work they know nothing about.

So, who's going to stand up for the Groundsman? We are!

We will make a point of taking to task any player or manager in any sport who criticises the pitch or the Groundsman, unjustifiably.

Send in your nominations, with proof, of any culprit and we will add them to our list. Teddy's on his own at the moment, but we know there are plenty more out there.

Name and shame the whingers.

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