0 Why Toro is a smooth operator

Toro 14 blade cylinderChoose Toro's 14-blade cylinder, for the smoothest, truest cut yet for greens and fine turf!

If you're looking to achieve a crisper, more consistent cut right down to 2.5mm without damaging turf, you'll love Toro's 14-blade cylinder.

Most Toro Greensmaster pedestrian and riding greensmowers can be quickly and easily upgraded from the 11-blade cylinder fitted as standard to this superior unit.

More blades mean a much smoother, truer cut - which is key to producing tournament-standard golf greens, bowling greens, croquet lawns and other fine turf surfaces. Players will enjoy faster and truer ball roll (something that will be confirmed by your Stimpmeter), and a more challenging game as a result.

Toro's 14-blade cylinder will help you reach the best possible cylinder speed, too, reducing turf damage and eliminating the need for cylinder speed adjustments.

The crisp cut also enables you to raise the height of cut slightly for healthier, stress-free greens without compromising ball speed. Similarly, the cleanness of cut even at the lowest cutting heights helps you reduce the chemical inputs sometimes needed to maintain very short grass, saving you money as well.

John Lockyer, course and grounds manager at Roehampton Club in London, is certainly a fan of Toro's 14-blade cylinder.

The former Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) consultant wanted to achieve the smoothest, truest greens possible upon joining the club in summer 2011. And he recently reached his goal after STRI performance testing saw the greens praised as "truly excellent" and some of the best its recorded, in line with Championship venues.

John credits the 14-blade cylinder, fitted on his three Greensmaster Flex 2100 pedestrian greensmowers and Greensmaster TriFlex 3400 riding greensmower, with helping him achieve such impressive playing surfaces.

"We decided to upgrade these models to the 14-blade cylinder to reduce the height of cut without compromising the clip rate," he explains. "I've used 11 blades on other fine turf mowers, but there's a significant difference with the 14-blade cylinders. They've certainly been a good investment - the improvements are plain to see and the STRI results speak for themselves."

Toro's 14-blade cylinder is available on the following greensmowers: the Greensmaster 1000, Flex and eFlex 1800, and Flex and eFlex 2100 pedestrian mowers; and the Greensmaster 3250-D, Greensmaster 3150-Q, Greensmaster Triflex 3400 and Greensmaster Triflex Hybrid 3420 riding mowers.

And because Toro is confident you'll be impressed with the benefits the extra blades bring, distributor Lely is offering a five percent discount on the cylinders

Smoothly does it - Roehampton Club's Greensmaster Flex 2100, fitted with Toro's 14-blade cylinder, in action.

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