0 Wiedenmann brings technology from the military to create world first in artificial turf maintenance

Wiedenmann Terra Clean 160 iRevolutionary technology used in military conditions has inspired Wiedenmann engineers to take artificial turf maintenance to a new level. Wiedenmann's brand new Terra Clean 160 uses a cyclone filter system to draw and remove dust similar to that of trucks operating in sandy deserts.

This unique and eco-friendly addition to Wiedenmann's artificial maintenance fleet combines both a sieved separation system with a dust cyclone extraction system to filter and remove miniscule deposits.

As a sweeper/collector the Terra Clean 160 lifts litter and debris from the surface at the same time as returning infill back to the playing surface. However its exceptional cleaning capability means it rids a pitch of much of its powdered rubber crumb - an essential process which prevents the playing surface being sealed and compacted by these fine particles.

Wiedenmann Terra Clean 160 cA counter-rotating brush on the floor sweeps debris, dust and rubber infill, aided by a blower, up into the machine. The waste travels into a two-stage sieve with the dusty air confined to a storage chamber. A progressive sieving system aids better separation of the returnable infill from the debris. Rubber crumb granules fall back to the ground while other waste, such as litter and leaves, is collected in two 50 litre baskets.

The blower's secondary function is that it creates a turbulent air stream which pipes the contained dust particles through a cyclone filter system. Clean air is despatched via an exhaust air duct while the fine dust particles are trapped in the filtering process and expelled waste up to a particle size of 10 µms is caught in a small re-useable filter pouch that can be emptied after use. Importantly these filters do not clog so the cleaning performance remains consistently high.

A key feature of the cyclone system is that it can operate in damp and dewy conditions and still leave a thoroughly cleaned and groomed surface. Environmentally the technology introduced in the Terra Clean 160 hugely benefits both the operator and the facility as fine particles of dirt are removed safely and quickly.

PTO driven and connected via 3 pt linkage, the Terra Clean is 1.6m wide and its RRP is £15,950.

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