0 Wiedenmann UK brings world first to aeration by launching Core Recycler

NEW Wiedenmann Core Recycler lifting hollow cores from a greenWiedenmann UK, known for the Terra Spike fleet of deep aerators, has launched its first ever pedestrian machine that will revolutionise greens management.

The new Wiedenmann Core Recycler is a unique self-propelled machine that lifts cores from the turf surface following hollow coring. It instantly and easily separates organic waste matter such as 'thatch' from the gathered sand and soil mix and returns root zone to the surface, recycling up to 80% of the volume of the lifted cores.

By re-distributing and re-using perfectly good root zone, golf course managers and contractors can make dramatic savings on time and associated labour costs, as well as savings on buying, carrying and spreading fresh top dressing.

Counter-rotating brushes and a height adaptable roller on the floor of the 1.2m wide Core Recycler sweep and lift discarded hollow cores into a series of four adjustable sieves. The sieves - all made of robust steel mesh and readily accessible - can be set to accommodate dry or damp operating conditions as well as for those occasions when thatch is particularly prevalent. Each moves uniformly and has been designed not to clog.

The operator can choose to have the motorised sieves 'crush' the cores so the soil and sand mix falls back to the ground with rogue thatch and waste accumulating in the hopper. When there is less thatch the sieves can be altered so that output increases. If the operator simply wants to collect the cores, inserts can be placed into the sieves so they are not pulped.

Wiedenmann Pedestrian Core Recycler cThe Core Recycler maintains high productivity as its hydrostatic traction engine (Honda) powers the machine to forward speeds of up to 6 km/h and 3 km/h in reverse. It can be specified for either low or high dump collection making emptying straight forward and quick.

Karl Wiedenmann, Head of Sales for Wiedenmann Gmbh, speaking at the launch said; "Until now it was costing greenkeepers and contractors money to remove hollow cores and at the same time they were losing perfectly good indigenous rootzone from their site. Now it's only thatch and waste that are removed. This is so much quicker and far more eco-friendly.

"It's not unusual to be paying £40/tonne for top dressing. Some larger golf venues routinely hollow core tees, greens and light fairways on a monthly basis. Facilities will be able to save across the board. Using the Wiedenmann Core Recycler will impact positively on the quantities of top dressing and sand they need to purchase as well as freeing up staff time and increasing time for play."

RRP Wiedenmann Core Recycler is from £24,200 ex VAT.

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