0 Wiedenmann UK’s Terra Spike GXi8 HD causes buzz with Harrogate audience

WiedenmannTerra Spike GXi-8HD.jpgThe newest deep fast aerator which joined the fleet of Terra Spikes in September - the GXi8 HD - has taken centre stage at Wiedenmann UK's stand at BTME Harrogate.

Chas Ayres, Wiedenmann UK's Sales Manager, says:

"For some show visitors the 1.8m width really suits. The new technology in the GXi8 HD has meant a very smooth running, quiet, low maintenance, productive Spiker. The results are excellent where a good heave can be seen but with a pleasingly clean finish on the surface. The GXi 8 HD has eight legs so you get more holes per square metre than you would on a traditional 1.6m wide machine. In development it sailed through its production tests with 5800m²/ hour at 110 mm square hole spacings.

"Our feedback from new owners is that it delivers a super uniform job throughout, even with undulating ground, because tines on the GXi8 are now even closer to the front roller. Moving parts like springs and heave linkages have been re - positioned behind covers at the front of the machine away from the dirt zone. This reduces wear and tear and helps quieten the machine. The centre of gravity is now closer to the tractor making it more stable."

In a few short months the GXi8 HD has built up an ever increasing audience of satisfied customers north and south of the border, with more machines waiting to be installed once iced ground thaws.

The GXi8 HD employs the patented Terra Spike Quick Set system altering depth, kick and heave angle with one tool-free, central adjustment. Within the "dirt zone" the only consumables are the tines; the buffers and springs enjoy a long lifetime. Unlike shallow working machines, solid tines are available from just 5 mm right up to 20 mm diameter. Coring tines start at 5 mm and go up to 17 mm diameter. By using a variety of tines in combination, soil decompaction and soil exchange can be done cost effectively using only one machine.

Other standard features are the PTO shaft, safety rails and rear roller. The GXi8 HD fits tractors from 35 hp to 60 hp.

At a glance spec reference:

· Weight: approx 900 kg
· Max working depth: 250mm
· Min required lifting capacity: 1200kg
· Max tine length: 250mm
· GXi8 list price: £24,990 ex VAT
· TwinDrive Drive for crank shaft speed 385 RPM for tractors with max. 37 kW/ 50 HP £840
· TwinDrive Drive for crank shaft speed 485 RPM for tractors with max. 45 kW/ 60 HP £840
· Optional floating rear roller system: £650

Area coverage in continuous operation
(m² per hour at a crankshaft speed of 485 RPM)
485 RPM; at 1.6 km/h; square hole spacing 55 mm approx: 2900 m²/h
485 RPM; at 3.2 km/h; square hole spacing 110 mm approx: 5800 m²/h

Area coverage in continuous operation
(m² per hour at a crankshaft speed of 385 RPM)
385 RPM; at 1.3 km/h; square hole spacing 55 mm approx: 2250 m²/h
385 RPM; at 2.5 km/h; square hole spacing 110 mm approx: 4500 m²/h


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