0 Winter Servicing a must after such a washout summer

PR4067 Toro servicing adviceLely's Toro parts manager Phil Bowen advises turf professionals to give their machinery the TLC it needs after this phenomenal grass-growing season

As summer 2012 drew to a close, forecasters finally confirmed what many of us suspected - that it was the worst in a century. Not since 1912 has the UK experienced such a dull, cool and soggy summer, according to the Met Office.

Figures show we were blessed with a mere 399 hours of sunshine. But couple those rare scorchers with the fourth wettest summer since records began and what do you get? Phenomenal grass growth, that's what!

Many turf professionals have had to mow more frequently to keep the rapid growth in check this season, some even doubling their efforts during peak growth periods. And that, says turf maintenance machinery specialist Toro, will have taken its toll on mowers. Renovation equipment may also have put in extra hours to relieve waterlogging and compaction, and return turf to full health.

Distributor Lely UK's Toro parts manager Phil Bowen is therefore urging customers to book up their annual winter servicing now to give their fleet the TLC its so needs to ensure a smooth operation through winter and readiness for spring.

"The grass growth this year was extraordinary and conditions were generally very wet," says Phil. "So it's vital you get your fleet properly serviced. As ever, our advice is to get this done only by Landbased Technician Accreditation (LTA) Toro-trained technicians - be they your local Toro dealer or service centre, or an in-house team of Toro-trained mechanics - where you can be confident machines will be serviced to a high standard and in accordance with your warranty."

Phil says an additional advantage of this is that you can be sure your machines will be fitted only with Toro genuine parts - essential to the longevity of your fleet. "This season's challenging conditions mean your machines will likely need replacement parts, be they new blades, or replacement filters and bearings," he adds. "But don't be tempted to settle for a spurious part to save a few pounds. Most fail to meet the standards of Toro genuine parts for form, fit and function, so you'll probably just have to replace them early and often. Using non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts could even damage your equipment, which will hit you far harder in the pocket."

Phil's final piece of advice is to take some simple measures, which can be done in-house, to ensure your fleet stays rust-free over the winter lull and ready to rev up as soon as spring arrives. "It goes without saying that you should give your machines a thorough clean - grass gets everywhere and retains moisture, which can cause rust. Re-spray any damaged paintwork and have a good look over the machines yourself for worn blades or filters that have reached the end of their useful life to make servicing even more efficient.

"Giving your fleet this essential basic care and attention will pay dividends during winter and come spring. So do be sure to book a service with your local Toro dealer or service centre today."

For more information contact distributor Lely UK's Toro servicing and parts department on 01480 226800 or email toro.parts.uk@lely.com.

visit www.toro.com/www.lely.com for further details.

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