0 Winter Storing Tips

Winter Storing Tips

Clive Macintosh

4 Stroke Petrol engine

Drain the carburettor. This can be done by turning the fuel tap off whilst the engine is running until the engine stops.

If the engine is to be stored in any position other than the vertical i.e. on its base, then the sump oil must be drained.

Remove the spark plug and squirt a few drops of engine oil onto the cylinder. Turn the engine over a few times, leave the piston top dead centre (tdc) on compression stroke.

Replace the spark plug (finger tight plus 1/4 turn).

Drain the fuel tank into secure fuel can - squirt a few shots of oil into the fuel tank and roll around if possible to coat the surface. Fit the filler cap secure.

Clean the engine by brushing off dirt and grass particles.

Brush excessive grass cuttings from frame work of mower and from the cutting unit. Place a strip of wood under cutting unit base plate to prevent dampness corroding points of contact between the cylinder and bottom base plate.

Store in as dry a place aspossible and cover loosely with a dust sheet.

Similar steps can be taken when storing away rotary mowers.

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