0 Winter treatment with Multigreen 12-0-43 kick-starts greens in the spring

AM Mnomouth GC 7Headland Amenity's range of 'Multigreen' temperature controlled release fertilisers are formulated to provide nutrients to your sward just when they need them. With Multigreen 12-0-43 that's over the winter period through to spring, and negates the need for a crystal ball approach to fertiliser application.

Multigreen Mini 12-0-43 is a polymer resin coated, controlled release fertiliser prompted by temperatures above six degrees centigrade.

Upon application the dense, homogenous prills fall to the base of the sward and are incorporated into the soil. It provides nutrients for up to to six months on golf and bowling greens. This release period enables the product to be applied in the autumn to provide a potassium base for the spring and summer, saving time for the Greenkeeper at that busy time of the year and making it the ideal fertiliser solution.

Below six degrees centigrade, the nitrogen and potassium are protected from leaching by the polymer-resin coating. As the soil temperature rises the following spring, nutrient release begins again, getting the greens off to a head start.

As the release of nutrients is governed by the soil temperature alone, excessive rainfall or irrigation has no effect upon the rate of release. It avoids soft growth 'flushes' seen with some other fertilisers, which can make the turf vulnerable to disease. 12-0-43 only releases nitrogen and potassium to the sward when conditions are favourable for growth.

Benefits of controlled release nutrients include minimal leaching, even during periods of high rainfall, extended nutrient release and a constant growth pattern. This steady development without peaks and troughs means less top growth, generating less clippings, and stronger root development. Greens retain colour and cover throughout the winter, and require less care.

As Multigreen mini 12-0-43 is sulphur free, it is an ideal application to rootzones prone to 'black layer' - where reducing sulphur input is a benefit.
Application rates are 25-40g/m2 (10-16 bags/ha) and the product is supplied in convenient 25kg packs.

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