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Rotowiper MAINUsing a Wessex Rotowiper for the first time you will notice how little chemical it uses compared to spraying, making it very cost-effective.

Because it targets the vulnerable underside of the weed leaf it is treating where it is most effective, without killing grass or clover.

The 55 litre chemical tank coats an adjustable height roller with weedkiller and the wiper roller rotates in the opposite direction to travel, coating the underside of weed leaves thoroughly and efficiently, as well as wiping the stem.

There is a unique wiper carpet which is specifically designed for weed wiping and it uses UV-protected interwoven loops to hold moisture drops.

It adds up to a highly efficient way of dealing with weeds and is particularly useful when working in windy conditions and near water courses, without the danger of chemical drift and pollution.

A pump is controlled remotely from the safety and comfort of the seat of an ATV or UTV, the rotor is spirally welded for maximum strength and two check valves in the centre of the roller keep it evenly coated with the chemical.

There is a neoprene rubber strip that aids foaming and prevents any risk of spray drift. Which means you can enjoy greater productivity, by being able to use the Rotowiper on days when you would have to rule out using a sprayer.

The weed wiper just hooks onto any standard ball hitch or you can have a three-point linkeage version. If you have large areas to control it can also be triple mounted.

The working width is 2.4m and the Rotowiper is mounted on large wheels with a wide wheelbase to keep it stable. It's ideal for turf care and in the pasture or paddock. The weeds are already appearing so it's time to get wiping.

For further information call Wessex International 01264 345870 or visit www.wessexintl.co.uk

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