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More and more businesses throughout the UK are changing over to Aspen Alkylate petrol, the cleaner choice of fuel for petrol powered machinery. Changing the way that you work with petrol can benefit you, your workers and your business in many ways.

Important benefits to consider when looking at switching to Aspen fuel:

  • Free deliveries directly to your premises - no downtime travelling to collect fuel
  • Long shelf life allows for fuel to be left in machines for long periods of storage without any damage occurring to the fuel system.
  • Premixed 2-stroke version eliminates the risk of mixing errors or accidents
  • Less machine down time due to breakdowns
  • Machines last longer and are easier to service
  • Easy for operators to select the correct fuel and avoid costly mixing errors
  • Improved working environment for your staff by reducing toxic emissions.
  • Easy to monitor fuel consumption and factor into job costs
  • Simplified accounting with fewer receipts

The Aspen brand is represented by three core values, Better for Man, Machine and the Environment. We believe these values also define the reasons why Aspen is becoming the popular choice for professionals.

For more information about Aspen fuel and how it can work in your business please visit www.aspenfuel.co.uk or contact the team on 01929 551557 (EXT 2)

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