0 Working Debut for three New MF Compact Tractors

MF1525H 1.jpgThree Massey Ferguson compact tractors made their UK public working debut at the Grounds Care Road Show events staged by the company in mid March in conjunction with four separate Massey Ferguson dealers, Fentons of Bourne, Randell NFM, Yeowart Agriculture and Bruce Hopkins.

MF 1525H

First shown in Europe at BTME Harrogate 2010, the all-new MF 1525H replaces the 22hp MF 1523H in Massey Ferguson's 1500 Series compact tractor line-up. Powered by a 25hp three-cylinder Diesel engine, the MF 1525H has a very high specification for its size, featuring a three-range hydrostatic transmission (HST), cruise control and auto-throttle control, as found on larger MF 1500 Series hydrostatic tractors.

Operators working with implements and attachments will appreciate the new tractor's 600kg rear linkage lift capacity as well as its two standard auxiliary hydraulic valves, both selectable for single- or double-acting operation.

Equipped with rear and mid power take-offs with independent electro-hydraulic engagement, the MF 1525H's PTO activation switch is located conveniently on the tractor's dash panel and offers normal and 'soft' start engagement, the latter recommended for high inertia implements or when operating in difficult or heavy-load conditions.

To minimise sound levels and vibration for greater driver comfort, the tractor's entire operating platform is mounted on rubber isolation blocks. Ergonomically-positioned control switches and levers help further maximise the driving experience and tractor output.

Fitted with a rear foldable ROPS, the MF 1525H can be equipped with a matching 1.37m mid mower deck, available in mulching, rear-discharge or side-discharge versions, the latter with optional collector.

MF1529MA 1.jpgMF 1529MA and MF 1532MA

Two new compact tractors being shown for the very first time in the UK and Ireland at Massey Ferguson's Grounds Care Road Show were the MF 1529MA and MF 1532MA, rated at 28hp and 32hp respectively.

The launch of these two new models marks an important rationalisation of the MF 1500 Series in the 25hp - 35hp category as the newcomers replace four separate tractors, namely, the MF 1529M and MF1529A and the MF 1532M and MF 1532A, all of which had different standard specifications.

An important factor for customers considering a compact tractor in this power band is that the key features of the four previous tractors have been combined within the MF 1529MA and MF 1532MA, producing a pair of tractors designed to deliver outstanding performance, economy and versatility on a multitude of on- and off-road tasks.

Both new tractors have an 8 x 8 shuttle transmission with the option of four creeper speeds producing a 12 forward, 12 reverse mechanical shuttle gearbox, ideal for aeration, drainage and other slow-speed tasks.

Standard on both tractors are selectable 540 and 1,000rpm rear power take-off speeds, engaged by an independent electro-hydraulic PTO clutch with dash-mounted control switch.
A mid PTO can be specified as a factory-built option.

MF1532MA 1.jpgEffortless operation of matching rear-mounted implements and attachments is assured by the 1,100kg three-point linkage lift capacity on both the MF 1529MA and MF 1532MA, together with one standard double-acting auxiliary valve. An additional auxiliary valve can be specified if required.

A distinctive feature on both new tractors is the forward-folding mid-mounted rollbar (ROPS) which provides exceptional overhead clearance when folded to enable comfortable access to and work within low buildings or beneath trees. When folded, the rollbar provides excellent protection also for the front of the tractor.

Contrary to common belief, the use of a mid rollbar does not hinder or prevent the fitting of a front-end or backhoe-loader to either tractor.

Equipped with a spacious ISO-mounted, semi-flat operator platform, the MF 1529MA and MF 1532MA tractors are arriving now at appointed Massey Ferguson dealers throughout the UK and Ireland who will be pleased to arrange demonstrations and provide more information.


Rated at 25hp, the new MF 1525H has a three-range hydrostatic transmission with cruise control, providing both constant and infinitely-variable working speeds within the range from 0 - 16mph (NB the sprayer in the picture is applying fresh water only and is being used solely for demonstration purposes).

Combining the key features of the two tractor models it replaces, the 28hp MF 1529MA has an 8 x 8 shuttle gearbox with a 4 x 4 creep speed option.

Confounding the critics, the mid roll bar on the new MF 1532MA (and MF 1529MA) does not prevent the fitting of a front or back-hoe loader - the two attachments shown having been developed specifically for the two new tractors by Lewis Equipment Ltd.

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