0 WRAP Case Studies in Environmental Management


WRAP Case Studies in Environmental Management

The Waste & Resources Action Programme *(WRAP) has produced a number of Case Studies relating to the use of recyclable material on golf courses. Two of the most recent relate to compost and wood chippings.

  • Epping Golf Course has suffered from poor quality turf ever since its construction on land left over from the building of the M11. The owner wanted an environmentally friendly way to enrich the quality of the course. Using ReMaDe (a local government-funded recyclable market development project) he decided on a compost made from garden trimmings such as grass clippings, prunings and leaves. The outcome was quite outstanding. Click here for the full Case Study.
  • Erskine Golf Club have chosen wood chippings from a completely recycled material produced from reprocessed wooden pallets. The chippings are used as a mulch for shrub beds and as a covering for walkways. It has proved to be longer lasting than mulched bark and can be produced in a range of colours. Click here for the full Case Study.

*WRAP (www.wrap.org.uk) is a not-for-profit company in the private sector, backed by substantial Government funding from DEFRA, DTI and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Originally established to promote sustainable waste management and create stable and efficient markets for recycled materials and products, WRAP's remit has recently been extended to include a set of new programmes for England. The new work comprises: a Household Waste Minimisation Programme; an Organics Market Development programme to provide material specific support and investment to the composting sector; the development of an Advisory Service to local authorities - the Recycling and Organics Technical Advisory Team (ROTATE); and a Waste Communications and Awareness programme.

WRAP has laid down targets across nine programmes - six material streams (paper, plastics, glass, wood, organics and aggregates) and three generic areas (Procurement, Financial Mechanisms and Standards and Specifications).

For general enquiries regarding WRAP, please contact Sam Sharpe, Communications Officer: 01295 819927; Mobile: 07931 327132; E-mail: sam.sharpe@wrap.org.uk

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