Color Atlas of Turfgrass Diseases

Color Atlas of Turfgrass Diseases

The Color Atlas of Turfgrass Diseases (2002) by Toshikazu Tani presents over 450 high-quality color photographs of all the major turfgrass diseases that occur on both warm- and cool-season grasses, and it is international in scope.


Color Atlas of Turfgrass Diseases

This one-of-a-kind book will become the standard color guide to disease diagnosis and pathogen identification for all golf course superintendents and turfgrass practitioners. No other book contains as many detailed color photographs of this quality.

Numerous photographs of each disease are provided. The Color Atlas of Turfgrass Diseases also includes step-by-step color photo guidance on diagnostic techniques for laboratory analysis that can be used by practitioners.


Part I: TURFGRASS DISEASE OVERVIEW. Types of Turfgrass Diseases. Favorable Conditions for Disease Occurrence. Characteristics of Turfgrass Dieseases. Fundamentals Concepts in Disease Control. Basic Considerations in the Selection and Use of Fungicides. Turfgrass Culture with Minimal Use of Fungicides, and Control of Environmental Pollution.

Part II: DESEASES OF WARM-SEASON TURFGRASSES. Rhizoctonia Diseases: Rhizoctonia Spring Dead Spot; Large Patch; Rhizoctonia Patch (Elephant Footprint). Pythium Diseases: Pythium Spring Dead Spot; Irregular Pythium Patch; Zoysia Pythium Blight. Fusarium Blight. Zoysia Decline. Bermudagrass Decline. Leptosphaeria Spring Dead Spot. Curvularia Leaf Blight (Dog Footprint). Dollar Spot. Zoysia Rust. Bipolaris Leaf Blotch.

Part III: DISEASES OF COOL-SEASON TURFGRASSES. Rhizoctonia Diseases: Rhizoctonia Brown Patch; Yellow Patch (Winter Patch).; Pseudo-Rhizoctonia Brown Patch. Pythium Diseases: Pythium Red Blight; Pythium Blight (I); Pythium Blight (II); Pythium Yellow Spot. Fusarium Blight Disesase. Take-all Patch. Summer Patch. Necrotic Ring Spot. Snow Mold Diseases: Microdochium Patch.(Pink Snow Mold); Typhula Blights (Gray Snow Mold; Pythium Snow Blight; Snow Scald. Red Thread. Pink Patch. Dollar Spot. Anthracnose. Dreschslera/Bipolaris Diseases: Brown Blight; Bipolaris Leaf Spot; Melting-out; Net Blotch. Powdery Mildew. Rust Diseases - Crown, Leaf, Stem and Stripe. Stripe Smut. Leptosphaerulina Leaf Blight.

Part IV: DISEASES COMMON TO BOTH WARM- AND COOL-SEASON TURFGRASSES. Downy Mildew (Yellow Tuft). Gray Leaf Spot. Fairy Rings. Superficial Fairy Rings. Slime Molds. Bacterial Wilt. Mycoplasma-like Organisms (MLOs). Virus Diseases.

Part V: SIMPLE METHODS FOR DISEASE DIAGNOSIS. Disease Diagnosis: A Simple Inoculation Method; A Simple Diagnostic Method. Microscopic Examination of Pathogens. Diagnostic Color Plates of Pathogen Mycelial Mats. Appendix. Glossary of Terms. Index.

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