Introducing Feefo

What is Feefo and how can it help you, our customers?

Feefo is an independent feedback service, which they describe as; "being used by companies that care about honesty, integrity and doing the best that they can for their customers. Most of all, they are companies that are prepared to listen to what you, their customers, have to say".

All Pitchcare customers are entitled to leave feedback on any purchase regarding the service received and products purchased; customers can say what they like.

Notwithstanding contractual or legal obligations, Feefo will publish the comments. Pitchcare cannot edit or moderate the feedback received. We will, however, likely respond, particularly to any issue or complaint - this response will be published under any feedback you, our customers leave.

Reviews of products purchased are also left, enabling you to read objective and independently collated information so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

This transparent interaction between customers and we, your supplier, demonstrates that, as a company, we listen to your concerns and it allows us to invest and act on areas our customers highlight, for us to continually improve the service and products we and our suppliers offer.

Pitchcare's commitment to Customer Service
Feefo Gold Trusted Service 2018

As a business, Pitchcare fundamentally values a transparent and interactive relationship with all of our customers. Pitchcare members and customers who have visited the PC HQ in Telford, will have seen, at first hand, the size and scale of our operations.

In recent years, significant investment has gone into developing a business infrastructure that is geared to offering a first class customer service experience.

We have nearly doubled the number of staff within our business (taking on many young, local apprentices too), created focussed and dedicated departments and invested heavily in stock, software development and technologies, such as hand held barcode scanning, customer service systems and purchase order procedures to suppliers to ensure your purchase with us is handled as professionally and efficiently as possible.

Where problems have occurred, Pitchcare has always strived to address the cause and prevent a repeat and do our utmost to satisfy the customer. Today, our infrastructure is more reliable and robust than ever before, and with your help and feedback, we will continue to deliver a first class service on all of our products to our valued customers within this industry.

The Pitchcare Team.

How It Works

Step 1: Customers order from Pitchcare online or via the phone.

Step 2: Feefo sends an email to the customers asking for an honest review.

Step 3: Customers leave positive or negative feedback in less than a minute.

Step 4: Pitchcare can respond to feedback in order to make sure everyone is happy.