Pro Master 28 Wetland Grass Seed

Pro Master 28 Wetland Grass Seed

The Low maintenance Pro Master 28 Wetland Grass Seed is formulated with Meadow Grass, Timothy, Fescue, Dogstail with Ryegrass to produce a seed capable at withstanding prolonged wet conditions on heavy or light soils with an attractive sward gained when the mixture is mown down.


PM28 Wetland Grass Seed

Pro Master 28 is suitable for use with damp or waterlogged soils.

15Sabrena 1Rough Stalked Meadow Grass
10-Small Leaved Timothy
15MaximaStrong Creeping Red Fescue
10EsquirePerennial Ryegrass
10-Crested Dogstail
40-Tall Fescue
Sowing Rate (g/m2) Overseeding Rate (g/m2) Mowing Height (mm)
25 - 35 25 -

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