Dimilin Flo 500ml Caterpillar

Dimilin Flo 500ml Caterpillar

Dimilin Flo is a broad spectrum selective insecticide for the control of larvae of a large range of pests, on ornamental plant production, nursery stock, amenity trees, shrubs and hedges, and forestry.

As per the HSE withdrawal notice – Dimilin Flo is withdrawn, with the 28 February 2019 the last date for sale and distribution by any persons, and for the disposal, storage and use of existing stocks by any persons.


Dimilin Flo - MAPP no. 08769

Active Ingredient: 480 g/l diflubenzuron (40% w/w). Diflubenzuron inhibits the production of chitin, which is used by an insect to build its exoskeleton.

Areas of use Controls Rates
Ornamental Plant production, nursery stock, and amenity trees, shrubs and hedges Browntail Moth, Small Ermine Moths, Carnation Tortrix, Winter Moth and Lackey Moth. Browntail Moth: 6 ml/100 litres water
Oak Processionary Moth, Carnation Tortrix, Lackey, Small Ermine and Winter Moths: 13 ml/100 litres water.
Apply high volume in sufficient water to obtain thorough foliar coverage.
Forestry Oak Leaf Roller Moths, Pine Looper, Pine Beauty Moth, Winter Moths. Ground Application: 150 ml/ha. Ensure good coverage of the foliage.
Aerial Application: 150 ml/ha in tank mix with a suitable adjuvant.
Apply by suitable ULV spraying equipment in 1-10 litres/ha. Aerial applications should only be made by controlled droplet application/rotary atomiser equipment.


Good spray cover is essential to achieve optimum control, especially on the undersides of leaves and on large trees where there is a full leaf canopy. Apply the recommended water volume using a suitable sprayer correctly set to give good spray cover. Do not leave the spray in liquid in the sprayer for long periods (e.g. during meals or overnight).


Browntail Moth Carnation Torix
Most effective control is achieved by summer spray when eggs begin to hatch (usually late July early August). If necessary application may continue into early autumn but must be completed well before caterpillars stop feeding outside their winter nests. DIMILIN FLO may also be applied in the spring after the caterpillars have finally left their nests and when there is a reasonable leaf canopy Apply from egg hatching to early instar stage, usually in late April - mid May and repeat 3-4 weeks later if necessary. Refer to pheromone trap catches as a guide for application timing.
Lackey and Winter Moths Small Ermine Moths
Apply from egg hatching to early instar stage, usually in late April-mid May and repeat 3-4 weeks later if necessary. Apply as the larve begin to emerge from their overwintering shelters in April, but not before there is a reasonable leaf canopy. Repeat 3-4 weeks later if necessary.
Oak Leaf Roller and Winter Moth Pine Beauty Moth Pine Looper
Apply in early spring when caterpillars are still at an early instar stage, but not before leaves begin to expand after bud burst. Apply from egg hatching to early instar, usually in May - early June Apply from egg hatching to early instar stage, usually in August.

Crop Tolerance

Dimilin Flo has been used on a wide range of cultivars as a foliar spray without any evidence of crop damage. However, because if the large number of cultivars of ornamental plants grown, susceptibility should be checked by treating a small number of plants in the first instance.

Caution: Very toxic to aquatic life.

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