Lebanon ProScape 25-0-10 with 50% MESA and 100% EXPO

Lebanon ProScape 25-0-10 with 50% MESA and 100% EXPO

A high quality fertiliser with slow release nitrogen and potassium technologies which is formulated for professional use on turf.

Lebanon ProScape 25-0-10 can be applied at a rate of 20 - 30 g/m2 throughout the spring, summer and early autumn and has a longevity of 8 - 10 weeks.


Lebanon ProScape 25-0-10 with 50% MESA and 100% EXPO

Lebanon ProScape 25-0-10 is made from a blend of unique Lebanon technologies: MESA, giving controlled release of nitrogen and Expo, for extended release of potassium. Suitable for use on tees, approaches, fairways, sports pitches and outfields, also fine lawns. Best applied in spring and summer to promote strong, healthy growth. Also excellent for sports surfaces where high sand percentage rootzones are prone to leaching.

This combination provides brilliant colour, a strong turf response and long-term feeding. The nitrogen to potassium ratio is ideal for zero phosphorus requirements in turf. Expo provides potassium feeding at the same rate that the nitrogen is released from MESA, fast dispersion of the granule into the sward and no catastrophic release of nutrient due to disturbance such as turf traffic or verticutting. Low application rates for excellent value coverage.

Product Analysis

Ingredient Oxide Value Elemental Value
Total Nitrogen (N)   25.00%
        Ammoniacal Nitrogen (NH4)   5.30%
        Urea Nitrogen (CO(NH2)2)   3.00%
        Methylene Urea (N)   16.70%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 0.00% 0.00% P
Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water 10.00% 8.30% K
        Of which slow release potassium 10.00% 8.30% K
        Sulphur Trioxide (SO3) 9.60% 3.84% S

Derived from: Ammonium Sulphate, Methylene Ureas, Urea, Potassium Sulphate.

Key Information

LongevityGranule SizeCutting HeightApplication RateBag SizeBag Coverage
10 - 12 weeks1.4 - 2.4mmAbove 14mm20 - 30 g/m222.7kg756 - 1135 m2

Guideline Spreader Settings

Application Rates:
SpreaderSpread WidthApplication RateSingle PassDouble Pass
Scotts Accupro (Cone 5)3.5m20 g/m2OK 1/2
30 g/m2QL 1/2
Flex Select4.2m20 g/m212/
30 g/m21612

Suggested Application Period


Nutrient Input from one application at 20g/m²

  • Nitrogen - 50 kg/ha
  • Phosphate - 0 kg/ha
  • Potassium - 20 kg/ha

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