Maximise Resilience - Turf Hardener Package

Maximise Resilience - Turf Hardener Package

Turf Hardener Tank Mix Packages – as part of a non-pesticidal disease management strategy.

Created to offer plant protection in situations where base nutrition, growth rates and colour are adequate or at times of very high disease pressure. The Maximise Resilience package provides turf managers with access to the maximum nutritional protection against biotic (organism) and abiotic (environmental) stress.

Maximise Resilience is applied in two seperate tank mixes, 2-4 days apart.

Tank 1: 20 L Maxwell Turf Hardener + 5 - 10 L Maxwell Bullet Phosphite.

Tank 2: 5 L Maxwell Bullet Potassium Silicate.


Maximise Resilience - Turf Hardener Package

Increasingly turf managers at all levels are becoming aware of the requirement to develop an holistic approach to turf management which encompasses proactive Integrated Turf Management (ITM) strategies.

Legislatively a greater emphasis is being placed upon systemic preventative fungicides, designed to control outbreaks before fungal pathogens can take hold, and consequently deposit a high concentration of spores in a localised area lying in wait for the next opportunity to proliferate. Furthermore, there is an increased requirement upon the turf manager to monitor historic data for periods of high disease pressure, as well as current and upcoming forecasts and weather patterns which are conducive to fungal turf disease.

With these principles in mind, it is being recognised that prevention is better than cure, and a key part of an integrated preventative approach is promoting good plant health via the application of nutrition which will assist the plant in maximising its own intricately evolved defences.

These mechanisms can be indirect, via the diverse collection of mutually beneficial relationships plants have evolved with microorganisms, as system termed Induce Systemic Resistance (ISR), or direct in that they involve physically promoting positive plant health, function and structure. When used in this manner, plant nutrition forms a non-pesticidal disease management strategy as part of the overall wider Integrated Turf Management approach.

To assist turf managers in achieving these aims we have formulated three packages, each designed at their core to offer turf mangers increased protection from pathogens alongside the choice of additional agronomic and presentational benefits.

Recommended Key Application Period

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Or any other period of high fungal disease pressure.

Products Applied (L/ha) Water Volume (L/ha) Recommended Application Frequency
Tank 1 20 L Maxwell Turf Hardener
5 - 10 L Maxwell Bullet Phosphite
200 - 300 3 - 4 Weeks
Tank 2 5 L Maxwell Potassium Silicate 200

Maxwell Turf Hardener

Maxwell Turf Hardener

Providing (15% CaO w/v) alongside associated micronutrients for rapid uptake and assimilation throughout the plants systems, Maxwell Turf Hardener provides the core ingredients for building plant cell walls, leading to increase thickness and greater resilience to pathogen attack.

Maxwell Bullet Phosphite

Maxwell Bullet Phosphite

The most concentrated and best value for money phosphite on the market featuring our unique in house organic chelate technology. Research has demonstrated that when applied alongside fungicide programmes, phosphite works to provide protection for new and existing growth via the induction of beneficial metabolic responses to pathogens. It is also a powerful stimulator of root growth.

Maxwell Bullet Potassium Silicate

Maxwell Bullet Potassium Silicate

The most concentrated Potassium Silicate on the market offering outstanding value for money. Silicon is deposited in the cell walls of grasses where it increases turgidity thereby making plants more resilient to pests, diseases and environmental stress. Additional benefits are increased leaf erectness leading to improved cut and ball roll.

Total Macro Nutrient Inputs kg/ha
N P K Mg Ca S
1.80 3.70 1.90 0.20 3.00 0.00
Total Micro Nutrient Inputs kg/ha
Mn Zn Fe B Cu Mo Si
0.00 0.05 0.00 0.08 0.00 0.00 1.55

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