Model MP3B Silent Bird Scarer

Model MP3B Silent Bird Scarer

This unique silent Birdscarer produces a high level of ultra sonics to deter birds from buildings. At the same time the powerful strobe flasher momentarily blinds any bird that looks at the unit.

This device has been successfully used to deter crows, magpies etc causing damage to bowling greens.


Model MP3B Silent Bird Scarer

This unit is undoubtedly our most popular model for large areas as it features 4 speakers pointing in different directions giving all round protection.

Each speaker is effective up to 50ft. giving approx. coverage of up to 6000 sq. ft. in total.

This unit can be 'daisychained' with the same or other models of the MP range to extend the area of coverage for large warehouses, factories, aircraft hangars, etc.

To be effective the unit must be line of sight with the problem area. (No solid objects in the way).

Supplied as standard with mains adaptor. Can be supplied with connections for 12v supply (car battery) if required. Please state when ordering.

The strobe lamp can be switched off, however, if it is not required please state when ordering.

Technical Specifications

MP3B Technical Specification

  • Dimensions (approx): W250 x H210 x D215 mm
  • Indoor or outdoor use: shelter from direct rainfall
  • Power source: 12 volts dc from a 230v ac adaptor supplied. (Alternatively a 12v dc lead to run from a car battery. Please specify when ordering if this option is required)
  • Consumption: 300mA
  • Effective area: Ultrasonics: 24 hours operation 17khz - 65khz Designed to be placed centrally making it effective up to 6,000 sq.ft.
  • Audible sound: Silent operation with intermittent strobe flash. (Switch to disable strobe)
  • Weight: 1 kg excl. psu

For further information regarding Model MP3B Silent Bird Scarer, please contact a member of our technical sales team on +44 (0)1902 440250

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