Bannerman Scarifier B-LT-15-H

Bannerman Scarifier B-LT-15-H

Bannerman's Kleen Green Scarifier / Thatch Remover is designed to provide an efficient vertical cutting action, speedily remove dead plant material and other debris from the base of the grass plant, a damaging condition in grass lawns and fine turf areas.

The removal of organic materials from the base of the grass plant allows water, oxygen and nutrients to circulate freely and be absorbed quickly into the root system.


Bannerman Scarifier B-LT-15-H (15 X 1/16" De-thatching Blades)

Fitted with 15 x 1.5mm offset blades the B-LT-15-H has 30 cutting tips to reduce ridging and effectively prune the grass, reducing lateral growth whilst encouraging vertical re-growth, removing thatch, controlling moss and preparing the area for over seeding.

Built for the Professional Lawn Care Specialist, Bannerman's Scarifier / De-Thatcher has been used by many National UK Lawn Treatment Companies for the last ten years., the machine has proved to be a good revenue earner, that gives years of trouble-free service.


  • Engine: Honda GX180
  • Cutting Width: 43cm (17")
  • Wheels-rear: 25.4cm pneumatic with inner tube, heavy duty steel rims and grease nipple 25mm bearings
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Drive-belt: 3/8" toothed heavy duty
  • Bearing: 2-piece eccentric lock bearing in cast flange
  • Blade: 0.8mm - 1.5mm - 3.2mm

12 month warranty*

*The warranty is against defective manufacture and parts, the warranty doesn't cover belts, cables, blades and bearings through normal wear and tare within the twelve months of warranty. The warranty doesn't cover improper use of the machine.

If you require any further information regarding the Scarifier B-LT-15-H (15 X 1/16" De-thatching Blades), contact our technical sales team on +44 (0)1902 440250.