Maxwell Revival - Weed, Feed & Moss Killer

Maxwell Revival is a professional grade, triple action treatment, formulated to revive a broad range of turf grass areas during the growing season.

Kills broad-leaved weeds, controls moss, and feeds grass for 4-6 weeks.


Maxwell Revival 8-4-4 +2.5MgO +6CaO +7Fe - Lawn, Weed, Feed and Moss Killer

Active Ingredients: 0.562% w/w 2,4-D, 19.140% w/w Ferrous Sulphate and 0.562% w/w Mecoprop-P.

Mapp No. 12959

Maxwell Revival is a professional grade, triple action treatment, formulated to revive a broad range of turf grass areas during the growing season.

Kills broad-leaved weeds, controls moss, and feeds grass for 4-6 weeks.


Weeds Controlled by Maxwell Revival:

Yarrow Parsley-Piert Thrift
Daisy Common Mouse-Ear Dwarf Thistle
Smooth Hawk's Beard Common Stork's Bill Sea Stork's Bill
Heath Bedstraw Dove's Foot Crane's Bill
Sea Milkwort Mouse-Ear Hawkweed
Cat's-Ear Autumn Hawkbit Rough Hawkbit
Black Medick Greater Plantain Hoary Plantain
Sea Plantain Buck's-horn Plantain Silverweed
Creeping Cinquefoil Bulbous Buttercup Creeping Buttercup
Common Sorrel Sheep's Sorrel Curled Dock
Procumbent Pearlwort Common Ragwort Common Chickweed
Dandelion White Clover

Application Rate Information

Longevity Granule Size Cutting Height Bag Size Application Rate g/m² Bag Coverage
4 - 6 weeks Mini
1.0-2.5 mm
All turf 10 kg 35* 285

* Maximum individual dose 35 g/m²

Apply Maxwell Revival Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss killer 3 days after and 4 days before mowing on a still day.

Apply when lawns and weeds are actively growing and soil is moist.


Where to use: For use on lawns and turf grass areas.

  • Do not use on newly sown lawns, or newly laid turf until established for twelve months.
  • Do not apply Maxwell Revival Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss killer more than three times in one season.
Maxwell Revival 8-4-4 Three in One

How to use: Mark out areas to be treated and apply at 35 grams per square metre when grass and weeds are all actively growing. Apply evenly, using a suitable calibrated fertiliser spreader, avoid overlapping or missing areas.

Rake out dead moss 7-14 days after treatment. If stubborn weeds persist, re-apply six weeks later. Re-treatment may be necessary for heavy moss infestation, or if moss returns. Avoid walking on treated areas until it has rained or product has been watered in.

If spilt onto hard surfaces such as paving, concrete etc, brush off immediately to avoid discolouration.

Spreader Application Rate Single Pass Double Pass Spread Width
AccuPro (cone 8) 35 g/m² N J 1/2 3.3m
EV-N SPRED ® 35 g/m² 17.5 12.5 4 m

Product Analysis

Ingredient Oxide Value Elemental Value
Total Nitrogen (N)   8.00%
    Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N)   8.00%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 4.00%
    Soluble in neutral ammonium citrate 4.00% 1.74% P
    Soluble in water 0.00% 0.00% P
Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water 4.00% 3.32% K
    Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 2.50% 1.50% Mg
    Calcium Oxide (CaO) 6.00% 4.20% Ca
    Sulphur Trioxide (SO3) 22.00% 8.81% S
    Iron (Fe)   7.00% Fe
Active Substances
    2,4-D 0.562 % w/w
    Mecoprop-P 0.562 % w/w
    Ferrous Sulphate 19.140 % w/w

Important Information

If no rain falls within 48 hours of application irrigate the treated area thoroughly.

Do not apply in hot, dry or windy weather or during frosty conditions.

Do not use the first three mowing’s for mulching unless composted for six months.

Do not allow Maxwell Revival Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss killer to contact foliage of neighboring vegetation.

Keep people and animals away from the treated area until the product has been thoroughly watered in, and the treated area has 100% dried.

Warning: Products containing iron can stain wood, stone and other hard surfaces.

Please note that product packaging may vary.

Application Advice
Maxwell Revival should be applied as 35 g/m2. Successful application should be broken down into two parts.
Calculate Total Quantity Required For The Treatment Area
To calculate the quantity required multiply 0.035 (35 g converted into kilograms) by the surface area of your lawn.
For example, on a lawn with a surface area of 100 m2: 0.035 (kg) x 100 (m2) = 3.5 kg of Maxwell Revival.
Apply Evenly In Two Passes
Once you have calculated the total amount required for the area you wish to treat the next stage is to evenly apply that quantity to the whole area.
For this example you would apply the total of 3.5 kg to the whole lawn in two passes.
That would mean splitting the 3.5 kg total in half and weighing out 1.75 kg.
Place half of the total required quantity into your spreader and apply evenly to the whole lawn area.
Repeat a second pass with the remaining 1.75 kg.
This avoids method reduces the likelihood of uneven application resulting in inconsistent response and scorching.

For further information regarding Maxwell Revival 8-4-4 +2.5%MgO +6%CaO +7%Fe - Lawn, Weed, Feed and Moss Killer, please contact our technical sales team on 01902 440250.

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