12 ft Tri-Deck Suitable for Compacts

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TDR-12 pic 3.jpgCompletely new to the market, and believed to be unique, is Progressive's new Roller mower (TDR-12), from The Grass Group.

Because it doesn't need a high P.T.O., it enables the mowing of a very large area with something as small as a 30hp compact. This solves the problem of not having enough 60 - 70 hp tractors, which are often tied up doing other jobs, and the smaller ones not being man enough for conventional tri-deck mowers. A real bonus for establishments such as municipal grounds, estates, schools, golf courses and polo fields.

This versatile mower cuts as low as 13mm (½") without scalping while it smoothes the surface. It can also stripe for visual impact and speed re-growth by promoting root-to-soil contact for divot repair. Full length rollers allow the cutting deck to bridge ribbons while aiding in moisture retention when used in sod production.

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The superior quality cut comes from high lift blades that creates enough vacuum to lift the grass for a clean even cut and disperse the clippings evenly over the rollers. Rear rollers also provide extra protection for safe discharge of clippings and debris.

Tim Merrell, Grass Groups MD, was ecstatic in launching the TDR-12, "The mower is superb on undulating ground due to the three floating heads. Most other mowers than can be powered by compacts consist of one fixed head which are no good on undulating ground. And of course, using a smaller tractor reduces the effects of compaction and reduces fuel bills."

The Progressive TDR -12 follows in the footsteps of the larger TDR-15 - itself a very well respected mower.

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