Conservation & Ecology
Sand dunes are listed as the habitat most at risk in Europe in terms of biodiversity loss. Ecologist Sophie Olejnik highlights the role of sand dunes in the context of golf.
Battery/Electric Power

With John Deere Operations Center, operators and fleet managers can plan work in advance and send job information directly to machines and check the location and status of machines in real-time.

A dragon reputedly roamed the mediaeval forest that spreads out along the edge of Cottesmore Golf & Country Club. References to the legendary beast in pubs and place names permeate this region of West Sussex.
Pests & Diseases
Not only humans enjoy lawns and sports pitches. Crane flies (leatherjackets) and chafer grubs, relish them as well! A good reason why insect pathogenic nematodes effectively combat these major turf pests in a safe and natural way.
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