1st Products back at BTME after successful first year

Izzy Cutlerin Machinery & Mechanics

Back at BTME were not only two of 1st Products' specialist range of tractor-mounted attachments - the AERA-Vator and the VC Verti-Cutter - but also a selection of the brand's uniquely interchangeable shafts.

Distributed by Reesink Turfcare and a complementary fit with TYM tractors which Reesink also distributes, 1st Products increases the options customers get from their tractor, says TYM sales manager, Steven Haynes: "The range from 1st Products gives customers even more value from their tractor investment. Tractors are of course designed as implement carriers and making use of this capability with attachments rather than bringing in additional machines for mowing, tilling and shredding saves space in the shed and is much more economical."

Better ways to aerate and remove thatch to more efficient seeding, the versatile capsule range of 1st Products tractor attachments, which are available now, complement Reesink's growing range of tractor-mounted attachments.

First in the range, and at the show, is the AERA-Vator, a subsurface aerator whose unique osilating vibrating tine system loosens, rather than punches, the soil around and underneath each tine. Allowing better air and water infiltration and easing soil compaction, the AERA-Vator does the job without leaving cores or plugs behind and means less post-aerification clean-up. The AERA-Vator is also able to aerate dry soil to reduce the expense of pre-irrigating; in fact, the harder the soil, the better the AERA-Vator performs. The AERA-Vator can also be equipped with a unique seeding box, allowing the customer to aerate and seed in one pass.

The AERA-Vator has the additional benefit of being designed with a universal frame system, so extra shafts can be added to expand its capabilities. The shafts, available in conjunction with the AERA-Vator through Reesink Turfcare, are the Multi-Tine, Multi-Slicer, Multi-Spike and the non-PTO Coring shaft, all of which will be at the show along with the seeder shaft and seed box.

Joining the AERA-Vator at the show is the VC Verti-Cutter. The biggest advantage the VC has over its competitors are speed and depth adjustment. It has a unique swing-hitch allowing for speedier manoeuvrability around obstacles without the need for the operator to lift the unit off the pivot point, this allows the unit to turn easily and float over the terrain. Depth adjustments can be made in the field with no tools using a simple detent pin allowing the height to be adjusted in 5mm increments.

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