6m wide Top-Brush becomes Newark’s weapon in the fight against worm casts

Louise Challissin Machinery & Mechanics

The reduction in availability of curative chemistry has been a game-changer when it comes to the fight against worm casts. Recognising that cultural methods are going to become perhaps the only way to manage them, Newark Golf Club are the latest in a growing list to add the 6m-wide Redexim Top-Brush to their armoury. For Course Manager Alex Clarricoates, its effectiveness at removing casts, as well as improving course presentation, made the purchase a no-brainer.

"Having gone through the autumn and winter struggling with casts on our fairways and surrounds, as soon as I saw the Top-Brush on social media I requested a demonstration" explains Alex, who has been at Newark for 12 years. "As well as the obvious issues with playability, from an agronomic perspective, the increase in casts means that they often get trodden on and lay like that throughout the winter, resulting in us entering into the new season with bare patches."

The large working with of the Top-Brush means it can quickly and effectively rid large areas of not only worm casts, but also organic matter and dew. Its three brushes can rotate in or against the direction of travel and its working depth can be adjusted to achieve a light surface brush or more aggressive, deeper surface agitation. "This versatility means that throughout the spring and summer we'll be using the Top-Brush for clearing dew and removing lateral growth, and during periods of drought it will be a key tool to deliver that extra little bit of surface presentation on the fairways without needing to cut. Come the autumn, we envisage the Top-Brush will be in use daily to clear any worm casts when they appear."

On the day of the install by local dealer F.G. Adamson & Sons and Redexim Territory Manager Andy O'Neill, Alex also had a demonstration of the Verti-Drain 7416 which was purchased on the spot! "The club have been making major investments over the last twelve months, in more manpower and new equipment to help us elevate the course to the next level. We had always previously outsourced the work but by having our own Verti-Drain, we can now relieve even more areas of compaction and at the time when ground conditions are absolutely spot on."

Alex concludes, "With these two new tools at our disposal, we are in a fantastic place when it comes to course condition. It's only upwards from here!"