A Barry Christmas!

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A Christmas Wish to all Greenies, Turfies & Groundos

Barry Pace
May your playing surfaces fair well through this Festive Christmas time,
The Players appreciating the sweat, stress and toil to produce what is often quite sublime.

May your sheds be full of gifted chocolates, biscuits, spirits and beer,
may there be a complimentary glass or two and plenty of Clubhouse cheer.

May the weather be none too harsh, rain, wind, frost and snow soon respite,
May the temperature be steady enough that disease stays asleep fuzz controlled by phosphite.

May the day length, light and growing temperatures of Spring soon return,
to repair grass from the wear and long Winters burn.

May your Budgets be increased to match expectations as any Club does aspire,
not strangled or slashed by bean-counting turning the place into a mire.

May your mowers cut clean, your lines true or flowing,
may the grass not go too mad else you'll spend all Spring mowing.

May any break you get help recharge the weary and tired soul,
for without you all none can hit, kick or bowl.

So to you Toilers of the Turf and the Soil
I say 'Thank you, thank you one and all'

For I know that without the dedication of Gents and Ladies of the Grass
That all sport in general would soon fall on its arse.

So be safe, be merry and with a glass in your hand raise a toast to your fellows, the hardy turf managing clan.

Thank You.

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