A Blinding Success at BTME

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Murray Long with Blinder bunker at HarrogateA year on from their official launch at BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME), the Sunningdale based company, Blinder, returned to their stand on 24th January with plenty of successful installations behind them and many more ahead.

After a productive day on the stand, the Blinder team celebrated their first anniversary in style by hosting a party at Albert's Bar in Harrogate. The contemporary setting and lively atmosphere was the perfect location for the golden ticket recipients, which included some of the golf industries finest, to party the night away.

It was back to business for the next couple of days which saw large numbers flocking to the blinder stand with a total of nearly 7,000 attendees at BTME in just two days. Here visitors were able to learn about this unique product which is not only environmentally approved but is also recycled. The patent-pending product is the ultimate bunker liner solution for golf clubs and course managers.

A presentation on Thursday from Murray Long of Blinder and Nigel Wyatt of Pro Fusion, environmental installers of Blinder and highly regarded golf course contractors, drew in the crowds as they spoke about the way forward for bunkers. "The presentation gave Nigel and I an opportunity to explain the importance of a sound bunker liner and so we hope that with the information we presented, the audience were able to see how Blinder ticks all the boxes," said Murray.

"The Blinder team and I are extremely grateful to those who attended the presentation and visited us at our stand. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and can assure you that we remain dedicated to the progression of bunker presentation and maintenance."

For further information on how Blinder can help your business and details on installations and testimonials, please visit www.theblinder.com or call a member of the Blinder team on 01344 621654.

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