A choice of turf cutters

Laurence Gale MScin Parks

A choice of turf cutters

By Laurence Gale MSc


Billy Warke and his staff were keen to demonstrate the benefits of their newly launched products at this year's Saltex Show. Groundsman Industries were promoting two new turf cutters. Designer Bill Warke explained the modifications that had been introduced to the new turf machine models (DRB34 and SRB34).

  • Blades being fitted nearer the axles, enabling precision cutting on all terrains.

  • Choice of four interchangeable blade widths, (300mm, 350mm,400mm, and 450mm).

  • Choice of single of double axle drives.

  • Additional rear mole plough and de-compacting blade attachments.

  • Centre balanced to reduced vibration for operator comfort.

  • Both machines are able to cut up to 50 metres of turf per minute.

The opportunity to change the working widths of the machine and its speed and versatility. Will certainly enhance its popularity insaltex-2004-groundindustrie.jpg

The single drive SRB34 turf cutter retails at about £2200 and the double drive DRB34 retails between £2800-£3100 depending on configuration of the blades chosen. The introduction of these new machines further compliment the range of machinery now available from Groundsman Industries.

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