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With two sets of specially designed counter-rotating blades to minimise the scattering of debris, the new EGO Professional-X RotoCut attachment (RTX2300) means professional gardeners can clear weeds and grass safely, even on hard and challenging surfaces.

Developed to meet the demands of the commercial market, the new RotoCut attachment has dual sharpened blades made of high strength alloy steel and a cutting width of 23cm. Combined with an integrated guard, it's designed to cut close to the ground, quickly and safely in areas where scattering debris could be damaging.

Weighing in at just 1.9kg, it's powered by market-leading 56-volt Arc lithium-ion technology, eliminating the noise and pollution generated by petrol powered equipment. With low vibration rates (1.1/1.5m/s2) and a LpA noise level of 79.3dB(A), it's ideal for prolonged professional use, especially in built-up areas.

EGO Professional-X RotoCut is a compatible attachment for EGO's commercial line trimmers and brush cutter (BCX3800, STX3800, ST1530E and BC3800E), which are manufactured from durable materials, including an amazingly strong carbon fibre shaft which won't break, bend or lose its shape even under heavy workloads or if thrown.

Vince Brauns, Group Product Manager at EGO, said: "We were keen to meet the demands of the market with a solution for flying debris causing damage and our RotoCut attachment means professional gardeners and landscapers can now clear weeds and cut grass safely with ease and speed. In addition, environmentally-minded businesses can complete the same tasks but without using plastic line."

The EGO Professional-X RotoCut attachment retails at £209.

For more product information visit: egopowerplus.co.u

Challenge 2025

At EGO, we have seen the future, and it is cleaner, quieter, and safer.

Challenge 2025 is our call to arms to educate and empower both domestic and professional outdoor power equipment users to see the only logical choice when purchasing new gardening equipment, and that is battery power - leaving petrol, where it belongs, in the past. The battery technology already exists today, so there is no excuse.

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