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SP1875Recent weather fronts have shown just how quickly virtually the whole country can be covered in a blanket of snow. Even with warnings well in advance it always makes sense to be prepared for the worst icy conditions by having a cost-effective winter risk management system in place.

SnowEx has a formidable reputation in high performance spreaders and the Bulk-Pro SP-1875 is a high capacity utility spreader designed for use with larger vehicles. As with all spreaders in the range it features the unique SnowEx 12V maximum torque sealed drive unit, so there are no belts, pulleys, sprockets or chains to break.

The SP-1875 has a massive 254 litre capacity, making it ideal for local authority, contractor, farm and private estate use. The hopper is made from non-corrosive, heavy duty polyethylene and is clearly built for hard work, winter after winter. There are several other good reasons why this spreader is so popular. It's simple to operate, giving excellent performance and offering top value for money.

There is an in-cab spread width and variable speed controller so the operator can stay warm and safe in the cab. A horizontal auger and offset disc offer increased efficiency and versatility and a vibrator is fitted as standard. Stainless steel flow restrictor tubes are also available as an optional extra, to prevent leakage of very free-flowing material, and the SP-1875 is easily attached to a vehicle tailgate using the purpose-built Dropside Mount DSM-175. Broadwood International 01420 478111 www.broadwoodintl.co.uk

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