A journalist joins the Pitchcare team

Kerry Haywoodin Pitchcare News

Over the past year, the Pitchcare editorial team have seen many internal changes and we are delighted to welcome James Kimmings onboard as our new journalist.

James brings with him a Masters in Media and Journalism plus bounds of energy and enthusiasm to get to the know the industry - with an aim to increase our focus on topical news and information, invigorating our digital journalism and the magazine alike.

James commented: "After completing my Masters and degree in Business (Sport) Management, I have been on the hunt for a graduate job within the journalism sector, it all sort of happened by fate and a chance meeting with an Agrovista employee."

"As an avid fan of all things sport, Pitchcare seemed like the perfect opportunity. I'm intrigued to find out more about sports turf maintenance and the people behind the scenes and I am keen to showcase the work that they put in on a daily basis to achieve the best possible surfaces, whilst overcoming many challenges."

"Pitchcare has a real family feel to it and this was one of the main selling points to me when exploring the opportunity. The support and guidance is already obvious and I couldn't think of a better job within media and journalism to match my passion."

"I have always focussed on people within my stories and I can't wait to venture out and meet new people within the industry!"

Pitchcare Editor Kerry Haywood added: "We are delighted to welcome James to the team and excited about the wealth of media knowledge he brings. Pitchcare's ethos from the outset has been to support turf care education and champion the issues of the dedicated people who work within our wonderful industry. If there are emotive topics, innovations or subject matter you, our audience, feel it's important we cover, do not hesitate to contact us."

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