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Craig Hendersonin Consultancy

Smartwater1"Assets are vital for companies to function to their maximum. The loss of an asset reduces the ability for companies to achieve this potential"

The statement above is a serious one and, depending on an organisations ability to protect its assets, depends on whether it is able to function to its full potential.

The subject of security is sometimes looked upon like Health and Safety ... no, please don't leave this article, although that subject is important. I promise I will leave it alone!

So, a few questions for you:

Have you sufficient security for your organisation? If not, why not?

Can we do more? Yes, we can always do more, but is it cost effective?

The money could be better spent elsewhere?

These are questions that companies and organisations are asking themselves and these are not all, as the list is not exhaustive.

There are many ways in which we can protect the assets of our business; through tracking devices, locks, CCTV and many more. However, some of these are not used due to expense, but also due to the old head in the sand statement 'we haven't got a problem, so don't need it'. No, of course you don't. That is, until it does happen, an asset is stolen, and the company loses money and productivity because of the loss. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Have I gone on a bit, sorry, but an apology is not going to be forthcoming I'm afraid.

There are many ways in which companies can lose assets. Some examples are theft, burglary and employee involvement, yes the inside job. But, as stated earlier, there are many ways to prevent this.

There was an article in an edition of this publication last year which spoke about, in particular, tracking devices. In new equipment this will probably be standard, and SmartWaterNew copythe question should be asked at the point of interest in a particular piece of equipment, as to whether it is included or not and, if not, whether one could be installed.
However, the thief will probably be aware that a tracking device is likely to be present. Will this stop them taking it? The answer to that is, I don't know, and neither do you!

Secure locks on storage buildings and CCTV are other deterrents and will, hopefully, being selfish, move the thief onto the next premises. However, some equipment, especially plant and machinery, is stolen to order, so this may not be the case.

There are many products and companies on the market that can assist with ways to protect assets, and I would like to speak to you about one of them that you may or may not heard of.

'SmartWater' is used by law enforcement agencies and private companies to assist with the protection of equipment and identification of offenders. Now, before I continue, yes, there is a cost as you all know - 'no one gets nothing for nowt' and 'if it's free it's got to be too good to be true'. It is up for you to decide if the product is cost effective.

Am I a salesman? No, but I have been involved in law enforcement for thirty years and am now involved in both security for individuals, property and the risk assessments that surround this area, and I have seen how effective SmartWater can be in both prevention and identification of property and offenders.

This article is not meant as a sales pitch, but to highlight the importance of security, and will introduce you to one of the products that is on the market which will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether it could be useful to you and, even if it isn't, hopefully get you thinking about the security surrounding your business area.

A matter that will need consideration is whether the use of this type of product will be likely to reduce insurance contributions? These are questions that should always be asked when insurances are up for renewal. Smartwater3

I will start with a bit of history. SmartWater was established in 1996 and specialises in forensic security, providing a holistic approach to crime reduction which is unprecedented in the security sector.

The company has patented a mathematical model that generates millions of individual codes, each of which contains a unique blend of robust, metal-based oxides. This allows SmartWater to be used across a wide range of sectors, from commercial security markets to brand protection and anti-counterfeiting.

I know, what a mouthful. Confused? Stay with me people, the fog will lift!

Basically, SmartWater is a crime prevention solution independently proven to deter crime. It is a colourless forensic liquid that can be used on all valuables and all types of indoor and outdoor machinery.

With over a million users, the product is protecting in excess of twenty million items of property in the UK alone. This highlights that the SmartWater livery is also well known nationally, which is another feature that is useful in the prevention of crime.

Smartwater4Each bottle carries a unique chemical code, registered to your address or organisation, that is almost impossible to remove. It has been independently tested to withstand direct exposure to sunlight, ultra violet and household chemicals, and the solution glows under ultraviolet light, allowing the police to identify the true owner of the property.

The police now routinely scan criminals and recovered property for the solution, and also use it in undercover operations. Criminals know about it and fear its power to forensically link them with the scene of a crime. The company can boast that their product works, as they maintain a 100% conviction rate when used as evidence in court.

So, I return to the beginning. How important are your assets to you as a company, both staff and equipment alike?

For those of you that are in the sports industry, this product could be used for your employees at their home addresses, particularly in the highly publicised burglaries to the footballers who have been targeted recently as an example.

But, importantly, this solution has a function to assist in security measures at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, by coding your valuables and displaying the SmartWater signs, you are allowing your organisation to use the livery that is known nationally and internationally which, in itself, is a massive deterrent and sends out a powerful warning to any thieves in the area that they risk being caught and convicted.

My qualifications are being in law enforcement for thirty years, being registered with the Security Industry Association in Close Protection to include security at all levels and a TechIOSH for risk assessments in all Health and Safety matters.

For any security issues you may wish to discuss contact Craig Henderson on 07711 868802 or email: hendersoncraig@hotmail.co.uk
For more details visit www.smartwater.com

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