A song featuring Ebbsfleet United groundsman Peter Norton has been produced.

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ebbsfleet.jpgA song featuring EUFC groundsman Peter Norton has been produced. Members have donated their time for free to create "Beat the Weather" and it's available on iTunes for 79p here (with all profits going to the club). Can we put Peter Norton on top of the UK charts in time for the Wembley final? Will enough money be raised to pay for a new fertilizer distributor and to fix his warped workshed doors?

You can hear the song and watch the video on YouTube here

Peter Norton's 'Beat The Weather' features Brazilian percussion, big beats, 808s, 909s, football chants, talking-heads style instrumentation, plus Peter's life-changing words of wisdom.

We caught up with Peter today at Stonebridge Road for a quick Q&A, on the eve of his pop superstardom:

Q: Who or what are your musical inspirations?
A: "I'm a Sinatra fan but I also like a bit of modern jazz. Courtney Jones with his soprano sax especially"

Q: Who would you choose to duet with?
A: "Doris Day"

Q: Top tips for domestic lawns?
A: "Cut it regular, fertilize, and when it's dry, water it for plenty of moisture"

Q: Do you have any vices?
A: "Just my pipe and the odd Guinness"

Q: Who's the best player you've seen play on your pitch?
A: "Jimmy Bullard or Liam Hatch"

Q: What's you favourite tool in the shed
A: "My fork, without a doubt"

Q: You mention Stormtroopers in your rap. Are you a fan of Star Wars?
A: "I was talking about storm troopers in the war but I do like the film. I like Mel Gibson and his Lethal Weapon films"

Q: What's your current mower and your ultimate dream cutter?
A: "My Countax Rotary is perfect for this pitch. I'd say the Rolls Royce of cutters is the Ransom 360"

Q: Did you play football in your youth?
A: "Yes. I was the right half for Empire Paper Mills FC who I used to work for. I also looked after the pitch."

Q: Your tip is to 'never get caught in the weather' but what's the worst weather that you've been caught in?
A: "In 2007 our game against Halifax had to be called off because there was an absolute deluge. It was coming off the terraces like a waterfall. Some Halifax supporters turned up and started singing 'where's your groundman gone'. Well I'd gone home absolutely drenched

Q: Finally, what's your prediction for the final?
A: "2-1 to the Fleet, with goals coming from Long and Moore"


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